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  1. spokes, set a vs set b?

    Africa Twin
    Hmmm, i recently chopped out 2 hubs, relacing new rims. BUT, now i don't know which was a rd04 & which a 07a. No big deal, but hey according to lings rear type 1/ 16 x A9x177, 8 x A9x173, 8 x A9x170 total 32 spokes rear type 2/ 16 x A9x178 8 x A9x173, 8...
  2. If you had to chose

    Africa Twin
    This is the scenario: You have to commute 140 km daily. You chose to do it on an XLV (say from 92-93) or an XTZ 750 (same age). Which do you chose and why? Note that on the home journey you may be find time to take the longer, dirt road route, home!
  3. WHY?

    Africa Twin
    After years of being a satisfied Transalp owner, why is it I'm having this AT itch....?! You know, a black & silver one would look nice next to the Alp :rolleyes: Phil sent from my 'phone
  4. Why?

    You tube link Scariest Video Ever! CRANE CLIMB 500 ft (150m) ft. Mustang Wanted - 2013 - YouTube !!!!!!
  5. Why?

    Africa Twin
  6. Oil? Just any oil?

    Mechanical Advice
    It's so quiet on here. So,,, tell me which oil that's the best and why! Synthetic, Semi-synthetic, or just the old ex Dinosaur based oil? Have You noticed any difference between different oils, with the exemption of the size of hole in the wallet they make when you purchase them. That ought...
  7. worth checking... 10mins

    Africa Twin
    just ballanced carbs on 2 old vfrs, friend was changing stators, new batterys, new reg/rec. I asked him why? charging problems. I remembered what i saw on here... £2 each! they now both run fine, & he's very happy. I've just checked it on my new project.... bike runs fine (apart from noisy...
  8. XR250...............Help me

    I have had a 1999 Honda XR250R for a few months and getting around the sorting everything So far, I've cleaned the carb, installed a new Pilot Jet (stock jet & setting) and made sure the carb is back to standard specs, needle is good etc Air Filter Cleaned Standard exhaust, with OEM baffle in...
  9. Advice

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I've just signed up to this great site, reasons why? Up until last June I had an SP1, which I loved, but financial pressures meant I had to sell her. I have always had Honda's because of the build quality and reliability just to name a couple. For the last 12 months I have...
  10. Why why why?

    Bear Grylls, for goodness sake Why do you have to eat such disgusting things, you can build a fire, bloody cook it first. And can I just say, bear sh1t why????? It's just nasty Ewwwwwww I'd rather be lost with ray mears any day
  11. Wanted: Givi T427 Panniers

    For Sale / Wanted
    These are a narrow, soft pannier with a longer connecting strap than is usually found, for use on bikes and scoots with a wide seat pan. Else WHY??
  12. Twin carbs on some big singles ..why?

    Mechanical Advice
    Only recently became aware that some bikes like the Xt600 ran twin carbs . just wondered what was the reasoning behind this added complexity /cost/bulk when many big singles work fine on just one . Could someone explain in simple terms please . thanks Bill
  13. help

    can anybody help? will a rectifier just stop working ? are there signs? & why? 99vara :confused:
  14. OK, What was going on at lunchtime yesterday...?

    Just spotted this on the home page: Most users ever online was 1,612, Yesterday at 12:00 PM. WHY? What did I miss????
  15. Bus quiz

    Stumpy do you know Below is a drawing of a modern British bus travelling at 50 mph The question is, which way is the bus going and more importantly, why? PM me the answer so others can have a go too
  16. Sharon Shoesmith

    Having read the thresd about my local burglar, thought i'd ask the question about Miss Shoesmith. A child dies, nastiliy, her department has a responsibility for the childs welfare, it is failing and poorly managed. A pretty Daming report from Ofsted states this. The Sec State removes her from...
  17. looking like motorcycle policemen!

    why why why??? is it me being old and miserable???? i just dont get it, why do some motorcyclist's buy a white/ish large touring bike and then cover it in reflective material to resemble a police kind of bike? not only do they do this but most of this kind of person seem's to wear a yellow...
  18. For Sale: ZXR750L1 1993 full history suit track days

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Probably not the right forum but start here!! She's been sat in the back of the garage for the past 5 years, I've owned her for the past 11 years. I fitted it out with race fairing and seat and got a day time only MOT as no lights etc. It was my intention to start doing track days but them...
  19. Lets see your tattoo

    As i am working on my next one i just wondeed who else on here got one ? and why?:toothy4: here is my plan Gecko= cause i love the animal and we had them everywhere in SA so it reminds me of good times The plan is to have it go 3D for the upper half of the body on my chest with the tail going...
  20. Dewalt Hot Air Gun

    Just bought one of these DeWalt DW340K 240V Heat Gun -, Where the Trade Buys and had a quick play with it. Why? It has variable temprature control so you can set it for ABS plastic welding and at £40 I thought it was worth a punt. It needs a narrower nozzle but a bit of tube, a...