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  1. Chatter
    So this on facebook thought I would share. Im sure he not a happy chap Auto/Motor | Waarom evenwicht op de motor ontzettend belangrijk is
  2. Travel
    I loved the old Google Maps. Easy to work with, and I loved the way one could place the figure on almost any road and see the pictures and find out if the road was worth riding. Although Google introduced the new Google Maps I could still use the old Google Maps though different web adresses...
  3. How to.....
    Like to build a Scramble bike, from a xr600 or Dominator. Please come with ideas wich bike is best and other ideas an tips and trix before I start :-) Where to find proper parts and so on... Pictures of your own bikes :-)
  4. Africa Twin
    If someone happens to remember wich wires needs to connect together at loom i`d be grateful and i wouldn`t need to find my multimeter :)
  5. Chatter
    My screen is gone all funny with stripes where it should be plain white Does that mean my card or my screen is on its way out? Used the machine last night all ok,switch on this morning i got these stripes all over Any Advice?? thanks pete
  6. Africa Twin
    Hello. I am writing from portugal. I have just bought a used XRV750 1997. The bike is awsome. I love riding it.. But, while reading the forum, I can't seam to know wich model is mine. Is it an rd04 or an rd07? Thanks...
1-6 of 6 Results