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  1. tyres

    Hi Guys & girls, what are the widest tyres i can safely fit on my TA 700 !!
  2. RD04 Rear tyre Continental TKC80

    Africa Twin
    Hey chaps about to order my TKC80 for my RD04 but just want to clarify the widest size, 140 ? even 150 ? its for mostly gravel roads and sand, little mud when over here .. very little road use, bike with just me on it, almost no luggage / passengers... cheers Matt
  3. Widest tyres on Dommie?

    Dominator / FMX
    G'day all, I'm building a bit of a Dommie special (will post pics if I work out how to from an iPhone) . Have a 19 x 2.15" front SM Pro rim and a 17 x 4.00" rear (XR400r motard rim) Question is..... Will a 150/70-17 rear fit? I would like to use big bike sizes 110 front 150 rear.. I have...
  4. Lowered exhaust RD07

    Africa Twin
    Any one running with a lowered exhaust, want to mount mine under luggage to keep the bars the widest part, I know I've seen it done just wondered if there are any mounting tips that could be passed on.
  5. widest tyres

    guys, I know theres a lot o posts on tyres, but what do yous recomend as the widest profile of a tyre, not just for looks but handling.... what exactly is the tyre sizes... on the 650.. thanks