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  1. Is there still a Wiki section in place ?

    XRV site support & help
    Hi, I haven't used this forum too much so I might ask a silly question here. I was trying to access a link in the Wiki section, but it appears to be dead. In fact the whole Wiki section appears to be dead. The link I was trying is:
  2. What happened to the wiki for 12 volt socket

    Africa Twin
    I have just bought a bulb that shows the battery charging status from eBay and need to wire it to the ignition. I remember way back that there was a wiki instruction page for doing it with a 12v socket bit I can't find it. Anyone know where it went. I have the relay and the inline fuse, just...
  3. Africa twin parts common with Transalp site .. 40105 Facet pump not recommended ? :-)

    Africa Twin
    Honda Transalp and Africa Twin interesting wee site, I like the use of back up links to other forums .. note the FACET pump commonly used in the AT ( 40105 ) is NOT recommended :D Hi Kuba Thank you for your email. The best Facet fuel pump model/part number for your application is a 40177 Cube...
  4. Wiki not working ?

    XRV site support & help
    As above...:)....:confused:
  5. XRV wiki?

    XRV site support & help
    Mods, what's happened to the main page of the Wiki? Has it been hijacked by some music and pharmacology enthusiast?
  6. Added Colour Codes in the XRV WIKI

    Africa Twin
    Hi In order to enhance the WIKI information, I've added place holders for the colour codes of every XRV version depicted in the WIKI. :happy10: Please take a while to assert that the colour code of your year model and colour scheme has been added. (Colour code on the sticker under your seat)...
  7. Fuel pumps and the Wiki.....

    Africa Twin
    Got a new pacet pump for the @ and was gonna have a look-see at the Wiki to see how folk have dealt with the 'new' shape of the pacet pump (square as opposed to round and the connectors are at one end each, not both the same end), but, the Wiki page I thought was there seems to have done a...
  8. Wiki Spamed

    XRV site support & help
    Masses of Spam links have appeared in the wiki, can't seem to edit that bit to remove them.
  9. Advanced Riding Techniques Wiki

    I've added an article in to the Wiki from Mick Wheeler and IAM examiner detailing some of the things he sees when testing people. Very useful for reading.
  10. DID Chain - Wiki Info

    Africa Twin
    The Wiki states: Quite often websites will specify the correct DID chain for the Africa Twin as being DID525VM or DID525VM2. These chains do not fit the original front sprocket without sometimes having to modify the rubbers on the sprockets. This seems to be true - what chain, then, do I pick...
  11. Site Migration: Wiki

    XRV site support & help
    The Wiki has now been set-up and is totally integrated with the forum log-in's so no need to log-in twice like you did before. However for some reason the Wiki isn't always being displayed embedded within the forum. I need to look in to that. It is perfectly functional though!
  12. Wiki problem

    XRV site support & help
    Hi Guys ( :hal ) I figured that since i have just bought a new fuel pump i should read up on how to install it. But the Wiki just yells at me and tell me "I need to be logged in to edit". dont know what that means. :shock: :? Cheers Xander oh p.s. I my signature tells me that it is too...
  13. Vara entry in the Wiki

    The Wiki has a page devoted the the Varadero, but there's not much information there yet. Can anyone propose some text for this page, or at least suggest a URL that has the info?
  14. Sorting out the Wiki

    Will all you guys please have a look around the Wiki? (The link to the Wiki is on the links bar near the top of the page.) If you spot stuff that's wrong, badly phrased, needs expanding, whatever, either edit it yourself (if you're a Wiki editor) or post a brief message here so others can fix...
  15. Wiki Content Required

    We're getting very suucessful in our Google rankings when you type in say Wiki and Varadero, Transalp, Africa Twin or Dominator. In all cases we're on the first page, and in the majority the first hit. So lets capatilise on that and get some content slapped in to the Wiki and make this the most...
  16. Wiki Editors Required.

    Well for all those that don't know what a wiki is switch off now...... I'm after members that are happy to pitch in and create wiki articles from the content in the forums. E.g. Carports recent posts on fitting the African Queens fuel taps. We haven't fully integrated the wiki with this site...
  17. Do you know what a wiki is?

    If this is a strange question then you probably don't.. If you do that's great.. For those that don't, here's a short explanation.. So what does this mean to you? Well, it means you could write a page for the site on.... anything at all.. from within the site.. no need to learn HTML :shock...