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  1. Africa Twin
    I have just bought a bulb that shows the battery charging status from eBay and need to wire it to the ignition. I remember way back that there was a wiki instruction page for doing it with a 12v socket bit I can't find it. Anyone know where it went. I have the relay and the inline fuse, just...
  2. Africa Twin
    Honda Transalp and Africa Twin interesting wee site, I like the use of back up links to other forums .. note the FACET pump commonly used in the AT ( 40105 ) is NOT recommended :D Hi Kuba Thank you for your email. The best Facet fuel pump model/part number for your application is a 40177 Cube...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi In order to enhance the WIKI information, I've added place holders for the colour codes of every XRV version depicted in the WIKI. :happy10: Please take a while to assert that the colour code of your year model and colour scheme has been added. (Colour code on the sticker under your seat)...
  4. Africa Twin
    Got a new pacet pump for the @ and was gonna have a look-see at the Wiki to see how folk have dealt with the 'new' shape of the pacet pump (square as opposed to round and the connectors are at one end each, not both the same end), but, the Wiki page I thought was there seems to have done a...
  5. Riding
    I've added an article in to the Wiki from Mick Wheeler and IAM examiner detailing some of the things he sees when testing people. Very useful for reading.
  6. Africa Twin
    The Wiki states: Quite often websites will specify the correct DID chain for the Africa Twin as being DID525VM or DID525VM2. These chains do not fit the original front sprocket without sometimes having to modify the rubbers on the sprockets. This seems to be true - what chain, then, do I pick...
1-6 of 29 Results