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  1. Travel
    Just rode 500 miles through France without any problems. No queues no closures no crisis as far as I'm aware. Took an extra 10 litres in 2 × 5ltr jerry cans just in case but not needed. It has rained constantly. It's early morning day 2 and I'm in Bellac now looking out of my hotel window at...
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    realflight G4 remote control flight sim now sold SOLD This is brilliant I really enjoyed playing this and very much like flying the real thing but I upgraded to window 7 and it wont play on my computer now so the operating system you need is Windows XP or Vista. Practise using this will save...
  3. Transalp
    Hi Just changed the brake pads all round and noticed the brake fluid level. Was wondering if this is ok for level? It covers the viewing window, but just doesn't look like enough. Brakes work fine. Steven
  4. Chatter
    howza fellas!. speaking to you guys as the kings of damp, what do you do to reduce damp in your sheds/garages. Some background; I keep my bikes in a garage which is just under street level, but has a big window and reasonably good air circulation. However after seeing some horror stories of...
  5. Africa Twin
    Just fitting a Facet fuel pump and wondering if I can fit a different fuel filter with a clear window so if it's captured any crap from dodgy fuel outside Europe I can see it has and clean it. Sounds a good idea in theory but anyone know of a clear case fuel filter that's cleanable? Thanks in...
  6. Bodgers Corner
    I have read the legends of what a **** of a job this can be so I lashed out on a pivoting ratchet spanner, about six quid on fleabay to go with the standard Honda box spanner. Damn glad that I did, I lose track of which was the most painful left front I think. A standard ring spanner would have...
  7. Chatter
    Truck Driver Thrown Through Window In Crash, Walks Away. Russia .flv - YouTube
  8. Chatter
    Any hints on cleaning-up white plastics, tail piece & fork guards? Years ago used a jif type product on window frames then a great smelling liquid to buff. All ideas welcome.
  9. Chatter
    Always sleep with the Bedroom Window open, so last night heard the Wind howling. Woke up this morning and it was still blowing a Gale (and still is), and was P****d off to see our fence in pieces :mad:. Still, faired better than our Neighbours :(
  10. Chatter
    I've just looked out my window and seen two horses coming up the road, nothing unusual in that as they frequently pass our house. The thing is the lady on one of the horses was chatting away on her moble phone, surely that's just as dangerous as driving a car while on the phone? I wonder what...
  11. Chatter
    Anyone here know of a builder who'd fancy a wee building job in Edinburgh? I'm looking for someone to build an extension to my garage which will make it 4M longer. Rendered brick or concrete block 1 window and one single access door Cash job etc....
  12. Chatter
    :sunny::sunny::sunny: Whooohooo :thumbright:
  13. Chatter
    Is it still alive and does anyone still use it?
  14. Chatter
    Don't know if anyone's interested but if you have Window's XP, here's a really handy little tool, that's free. I find it very handy to resize photos, prior to up loading them to the site, or for emailing. It's simple to use which is great for one of "world's computer illiterates", me.:confused...
  15. Chatter
    How about an XRV car window sticker? Expand the product line, bit more income for the site and may even get more members. :) Waddya reckon? Phil