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  1. Photo editing software

    Had some recent issues editing photos in photobucket, so what software do you use before uploading ???? Looking for a windows and simplicity options :hitler:
  2. Hoi Craig!

    I notice that Microsoft is stopping support for Windows XP next April, does that mean you will be falling down a lot? :iconbiggrin: Andy.
  3. Dementia? Where's that?

    Product Reviews
    Mrs just bought me a new whizzbang Samsung laptop for Christmas. Wow! Windows 8, lightning fast, miles and miles better than my old Vista Dell Awkward. Now, if only I could find where to put the paraffin in, I'll be cooking with gas (??) Jock :clown:
  4. I know i shouldn't mock but come on...

    Rebecca Helen Elder accused of raping man after breaking into his house to stand trial | Mail Online I think there will be a lot of males leaving windows open in Adelaide tonight! :D Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  5. backup and restore in windows XP

    My PC is now nearly 8 years old and probably needs replacing really but it soldiers on, but at a real geriatric rate. Before I buy a new one I thought it was worth trying to breathe a bit of extra life into it by reinstalling everything and then only running the apps I really need. Obviously I...
  6. Windows XP twain driver help??

    Hi I'm looking for a free downloadable driver for my old "fashion cam 21" digital camera to suit windows XP,Anyone know any good sites?
  7. Windows 7

    Does anyone know how to shutdown windows 7 without installing updates? It is an option with XP but now when I shut down it just starts doing it which is irritating with a laptop that you want to switch off and carry somewhere.
  8. Windows Vista = Pants

    I have recently replaced my computer with a more modern up-to-date one which has Windows Vista installed. WHAT A LOAD OF CR*P. Nothing but problems. To top off a long line of problems, today the CD/DVD writer decided to stop working - some kind of device conflict. Do you know what the...
  9. Windows Explorer Exploit

    Ok, I know Windows is the biggest Virus out there in Cyber Space, but we recieved thid notification from Our Security Partners in work. Our IT are implimenting a company wide block on IE, and installing Firefox on 5000+ computers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Batstone, Neil...
  10. Windows...

    Knowing what Smart Fellers you all are I thought I'd ask here first, I've got a UPVC window that's stuck shut, the handle turns but it doesn't undo all the bolts that keep the window locked shut. Needless to say the manufacturer's gone bust :roll: and I've been given a price of "at least...