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  1. For Sale: Vango Omega 350

    For Sale / Wanted

    If any of you guys plan to pass through Denmark during the summer and need a place to pitch your tent for a night or two ,there is free beer to be had...:D:D:D I could even fit in a guided tour to a local brewery if you like.:thumbup: The more the merrier as I know it winds my neigbours up, and...
  3. winter sunshine

    Out and about in Normandy today, check out the colour of that sky. With high temps of 5 deg and winds of only 25 - 30 kph, it was positively balmy,,,, Just a quick 200km or so to scrub in the new tyres, if this is winter, can't wait for spring,,,,,,,
  4. The Hills are Alive with the Sound Of Honda's

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Me, The Mountie & Rickskye braved the elephants and rode out into the hills that inhabit the north of Scotland today. Met Rick at the truckers café at Skiach, Alness, then rode north by north-west, with a very strong tail wind that helped propel us beyond the normal road speeds travelled up...
  5. looks like we're about to get another battering

    More gale-force winds and heavy rain to batter Cornwall today and tomorrow. | This is Cornwall having read that i though i would go out for an hour this morning to see what the sea state was looking...
  6. Storms

    I'm 3-4miles inland from mt nearest beach and all morning i have have thunder and lightening on and off. It's black as midnight here at the moment and the winds are horendous. Got to take my boy to hospital in a minute so it will be my car all weekend i think. Just reading the local news website...
  7. Doon Under (As we say in Aberdeen)

    Hello folks. Just a wee update from this fantastic country. Lots of Harleys and riders in full Badass gear. Must be sweltering There are roads here that are the stuff of dreams. Winding up and down the mountains. However!..... The winds can be fearsome and the rain that usually accompanies...
  8. Nice day - lets ride!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just a few snaps from a run out today with youngest son. Into some hills we went, trying to find some sunshine. Nice run of around 170 miles, taking in the sights along the river Findhorn near it’s source, then onto and over some hills to the south of Inverness on a little road...
  9. Quick trip to Norway this weekend

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Bored out of control. Weather forecast promising. Time for a weekend trip to Norway. Route: Pictures: Left home on Friday at 1800 hours. Stopped by some friends in Åmål and had a beer. Started at...
  10. For Sale: Tent clear out

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm starting to get rid of some camping gear. First is an Exped Big Bear tent 4,95m / 194" A perfect tent that performs equally well as an expedition base camp or as a refuge on a family outing. 1,75m / 69" 2,50m / 99" 0,75m / 30" 1,55m / 61" a a> Easy to pitch: 3 color coded, hooped poles...
  11. Spring ?

    Ok all in scotty land ,time yet again to batten down the hatches , get those knobbles on cos it's gonna snow again. Up to a foot of snow predicted and strong winds equals big drifts . Hope someone up there takes pics of their snowy treks. Be careful out there.
  12. Journalistic licence

    When does journalistic licence become total b*ll*cks? The reason I ask is that I came across some total nonsense when doing some Googling about for my AT camshaft details thread*. I was actually looking to see if I could find a power/torque curve for the Honda VT750 Shadow as it shares a...
  13. Austins Adventures - wind, rain, the Scottish Isles, whisky & rough ferry crossings!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Austins Adventures - wind, rain, the Scottish Isles, whisky & rough ferry crossings!! What an Adventure! I set off last Monday (24/9), the plan was to meet Paul (Bimbler) mid morning for a nice steady run through the Dales & Dumfries & Galloway & stay on his boat Monday evening in...
  14. First real ride

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well its been worked on for weeks and it had to given a good ride, had a couple of short blats but wanted to get some miles on the new Ten. Weather forecast was awful, winds and heavy rain...... for the first time in a long time I was looking forward to riding a bike as my feeling was if I can...
  15. If you put your hand down there you can feel it...

    I mean the wind resistance which pushes against your alloy boxes. We all know about wind resistance but to actually feel it like this is a lesson. I would like my boxes to be windstreamed like those trucks you see with stuff above the cabin to slipstream the truck. I think that fuel use is up...
  16. Heavy rain, where ?

    There is a weather warning for Sunday, Heavy Rain and strong winds, "where?", I hear you ask? :confused: The West coast of Scotland. :o Well, you would never belive it would you, in this sunny, hot, balmy, misty Isle of Skye. Rain and wind?;) (There was fresh snow on the tops (Applecross...
  17. Falmouth Beach Resort Hotel

    Any one booking a holiday here this year or already has booked one may think again bit of bad news. Wife was at work today,at an industrial estate in Falmouth around midday the air was stinking in smoke and it filled Falmouth. Apparently on the 3rd floor a fire broke out over 100 fire fighters...
  18. Seatbelt, Prayer Book, Puke Bag, Cork!

    Seatbelt... Prayer Book... Puke Bag... CORK!!! BBC News - High winds shake planes landing in Bilbao, Spain :puke:
  19. annoying scratches

    My blue ta650 was blown over a few wks ago,[fierce plymouthian winds] and the right side front blue fairing now has some deep scratches. i wondered if anyone new a step by step guide to a decent repair. Thanks!
  20. fork seals gone after only 3000 miles !!!!

    Dominator / FMX
    hi my fork seal has given up the ghost after only 3000 miles !!! made for quite an adventerous ride home tonight in strong winds too bike has fork gators fitted when i lifted the left hand side at work almost a half a cup full of oil greeted my foot from the fork theres no pitting on the fork...