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  1. Xl600v

    Hi guys, been a tad windy today. Gust took out an oak in the field and also blew bike over onto car. Bugger. Now is there an aftermarket tank to improve range? Any options. Will a 650 tank fit? If not anyone got a decent tank? I await your wise words☺️
  2. Africa Twin club Greece central and north Evia

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A long island with high interest Euboea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The south part is rocky windy with no trees, the north part is full of trees ,the island generally has high mountains, fantastic and isolated beaches,dragon houses...
  3. More madness on our roads

    Major inciddent down here today roads closed on A30 for hours. Two cyclists riding from Lands end to John O Groats were hit by an articulated lorry, both were pronounced dead at the scene a very traggic accident. The bit i don't understand is why people ride push bikes on the busiest roads in...
  4. This years

    Kids Weekend
    XRV kids weekend has been and gone so if you're thinking of coming it's too late so nah nah. Despite somewhat questionable weather :toothy2: it was the usual resounding success. Loads of new faces, some even from XRV :D. My apologies to Stuart because I didn't actually see him on Sunday morning...
  5. Spring????

    Not yet:( Fecking windy and a lot of snow about this morning. Oh and I changed the colour of my bike to a fashionable road salt grey:cool: Be carefull out there guys, winter is not over yet
  6. Windy West Coast

    It was windy last week :( Winds gusting up to 125 mph There was a site office blown over on Raasay on tuesday, that's about 4 ton of steel building. Mine was touch and go as well. I'm on the top of a hill overlooking the sea and Harris, told the guys to go home in case she went over...
  7. Jubilee Weekend, not really a ride report.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    One for our fire starters You know who you are Anyway, Western Beacons mountain search and rescue team had the privilege of lighting a jubilee beacon on the top of a Welsh Mountain in the Brecon beacons. Chief Fire raiser is our very own J. Here are a couple of photos. The beacon beacon...
  8. A Little on the Windy Side !!

    Always sleep with the Bedroom Window open, so last night heard the Wind howling. Woke up this morning and it was still blowing a Gale (and still is), and was P****d off to see our fence in pieces :mad:. Still, faired better than our Neighbours :(
  9. Seized nuts and bolts

    Mechanical Advice
    When you have fasteners that are seized what's the best way to undo them while minimising the risk of shearing them? Taking heat and penetrating fluid out of the equation I can either use the windy gun and hope the repeated short sharp shock does the trick or should I get the really long...
  10. Peak District - COLD , WET, WINDY, SNOW - Beats working ;-)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a great run in the peaks - christ was it cold. I didn't take any photos as I couldn't get my gloves off as they were wet and cold here though are a few videos Peak District 8th Dec run - Vid 1 - YouTube Peak District Offroad - pindale - YouTube Peak District Offroad run - SNOW - YouTube...
  11. Is it windy or what ?

    I'm working in Arisaig just now, got a diving crew and work boat all set to steam out of Mallaig and head out to Arisaig to lay an outfall pipe into the sea. Been laid up due to the " adverse weather conditions " :( Been told yesterday that there were 14 metre high waves in the Minch ( wonder...
  12. Windy Corner Triumph

    On the way back home from Hinckley on Saturday I thought I'd nip into my favourite triumph dealer "Windy Corner" in Barlestone only to find that he is now a Victory Dealer, I spoke to Roger (the owner) and he said that due to a new marketing stratagy in May of this year by triumph the franchise...
  13. Windy nights and panniers

    Well blow me..... Two observations today: 1. It was really blowing its tits off tonight (the weather that is) I normally ride with panniers but decided to take them off as I wasnt likely to want to carry anything (well nothing I couldnt stick down the front of my jacket anyway). The wind...
  14. Sunshine & a Windy Day

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    If you've browsed the Scottish thread in the regional meets, you'll have seen that Raymo & myself decided it was time for a little outing. Africajim got a work call that stopped him attending, Lowflyer had some domestics to attend too (he looks luverly in a pinny - no clothes, just a pinny...
  15. The Wet and Windy West Coast ........

    ............... is sure living up to it's reputation today !!!! I'm in for a wet ride home methinks ???? God bless Goretex ................. bring it on !!!!!
  16. Wet and Windy Wales

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today 8 hardy explorers went out for a little bimble, the game plan was aquick 2>3 hundres miles up and around the green vallies and mountains of the kingdom of Wales. How ever the Norse Gods applied a little pressure to Odin and it persed down all day. We started at ASDAS Cardiff and four of...
  17. Windy M40

    Meant to say - did anyone venture on the M40 last Saturday? Cross winds made for some very interesting riding! :happy6:
  18. Very Windy Summer

    Last year had to be the summer of RAIN and this summer has to be the summer of WIND. It is howling every day !!!! we have just done 3 days away on the bike, good fun but seriously blasted by the wind every day, yet again This summer feels like April or late September, allways very unsettled...
  19. Hello from windy Fenland

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello there, I'm currently riding a R1150GS but tomorrow morning it's going in part-ex for a red/white/blue Varadero. I recognise a few names from UKGSer already so hello to you tossers ;)
  20. Windy out.....

    ..... so I was just wondering - any of you lot actaully riding in the current conditions or have most of us resorted to other means of transport - I know after rding home and back in gales last time, I'm not too keen to repeat it, just wondered what everyone else was doing... If you are out...