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  1. Transalp 650 Givi Wingrack

    Hi, does anyone have Givi Wing Rack on the Transalp 650 and can put here a few pics with the fittings? I have a Wing Rack coming off another bike and I want to fit it onto the Transalp 650 , and I want to see how the fittings look like to addapt mine . I couldn't find anything on google. Cheers
  2. For Sale: Africa Twin RD07 Givi Wingrack

    For Sale / Wanted
    Bought with the bike but not required now. needs a bit of paint & tidying up, some bolts missing but must be easily replaced. Cost me £25, I have seen them for a lot more on ebay. I would rather a forum member have it and use it. £25. buyer collect. In Leominster, Herefordshire.
  3. wingrack fitting kit

    Africa Twin
    Hi anyone know where I can get a fitting kit for an AT, 1994 07 model. Been searching but cant find one, come to that cant even find a givi wing rack.
  4. For Sale: Givi Wingrack II and 2 Givi E36 monokey boxes

    For Sale / Wanted
    Will be putting these on fleabay in a month or 2 but trying here first. £200 will secure and I'll include the fixing kit for my Africa Twin RD07 (1994). The rack is in france at the moment but I will be taking it to the UK in March so may be able to deliver en route. It can be seen on the bike...
  5. Givi Wingrack Fittin Kit

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, Just letting you all know that I am parting with a givi wingrack fitting kit for a 2000 model dommie, I have put it on ebay if you are interested 220501009758. I know givi dont do one but this was slightly modified, it might be of use to someone.
  6. Mounting Allit Panniers/Givi Wingrack

    Mechanical Advice
    THe German dealers have a pair of Allit Panniers at 200 quid at present and I must admit I am tempted, BUT, I have Givi Wing rack mounts on my bike. Has anyone fitted ally panniers to a Wingrack?
  7. Wanted: Givi or Kappa Panniers to suit Wingrack

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, My Dad (aka Jamped) has got himself a set of Givi Wingracks for his RD04 and is now looking for a set of hard panniers to match. So if anyone has a set they wish to sell then I would be pleased to hear from you. He may also be on the lookout for a topbox with mounting plate, thanks Jason
  8. Givi Wingrack

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello Folks, I am very new on here, this being my first post, I have a question that I hope some kind soul can help me with, I have just bought an 02 Dominator, its all very nice and a joy to ride, however, I need to fit 2 givi monokey side case to it, is it possible to get a wingrack and...
  9. givi wingrack for RD 04

    Africa Twin
    Seen a couple of threads about the scarcity of Givi wingrack fitting kits for a RD 04 but was wondering if anyone had tried modifying a RD 07 fitting kit? I recently acquired a set of Givi Monokey boxes and am desperate to get 'em on my bike! :o Any suggestions as to how I can go about doing...
  10. Givi Wingrack

    Africa Twin
    Is there a convertor that allows the wingrack top box mount to be used with a Honda top box? :) Also has anyone used the E41 or E21 panniers? The toploading of the E21's appeals...but how much is 2 x 21 litres in real life? (If you answer 42, I will beat you like a ginger step-child!) :D
  11. Givi Wingrack 2 monokey

    Would be grateful if anyone can offer advice. I have just received a wingrack 2 for a transalp, it came with a job lot I bought to obtain a set of luggage, it is surplus to requirements, as it came in peices I am stuck as to how to assemble it, does anyone have any photos of one assembeld that i...
  12. Givi Wingrack

    :? Hi ,I've just got a Givi wingrack off a 95 Transalp, Does anyone know if the fitting kit will fit my 97 Transalp? if so where can i get some instructions. Cheers i hope someone can help Chub