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  1. Hiss problem

    Bike 650 trannie.Headlight bulb replaced,now HISS light stays on all the time with ignition on.Flicking the kill switch on off makes no difference.Will crank over till doomsday with no results.Fiddled around with wireing under the clocks but no luck,What have i displaced.Any suggestions...
  2. wireing xr 250 rh

    hi guys big ask? has any body put dip and main beam rear brake light etc and a horn on a 1987 xr 250 rh so i can get a full mot /with or with out a battery if so need a few tips ie what do i need many thanks mal
  3. varadero wireing diagram

    Anyone got one they can email or the test procedure for the generator tried it getting no ac at all? No charge at battery so reg or genny are at fault. May day may day:cry: Need to know were wires from starter solenoid go too be sure tech heads needed.