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  1. Wireless Intercoms

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Hi All, Mrs P has taken to joining me of late on my road based Transalp travels and likes to talk (I can still escape on my own though when I hit the dirt :D). So has anyone any advice on wireless helmet intercoms that I can also use with my Garmin Zumo. Does anybody have one that they can...
  2. Wireless digital camera

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm thinking of getting a videorecorder and camera I can use on the bike. This bit of kit caught my eye but the specs mean nothing to me so I have no idea if it's a good bit of kit or not. Would anyone care to comment? Or make other suggestions? The budget is about 150 and definately no...
  3. wireless headset's?

    Hi guy's, i'm looking for a intercom system. Can any of you guy recommend any? What i'd like it to do if possible is to have no wire connecting me to the bike, to have control of any plug in's like mp3,phone,satnav ect.. from the bars, it would also have to have a good stereo sound when playing...
  4. Wonderful,Magnificent - Wireless.

    What a magnificent invention it is right enough. Here I am sitting in a boring meeting with a room full of noisy americans (who are demanding to be listened to) and moody europeans (who are taking the huff , big time). And I have just lifted the 'puter off the table on to my lap , where the...
  5. Project Advice - anybody tried setting up a wireless helmet?

    Africa Twin
  6. Project Advice - anybody tried setting up a wireless helmet?

    It is that time of the month when need some project to keep me occupied during the long spring evenings :lol: Trying to create for myself some wireless speakers that can mount in my helmet for hassle free music without wires and cables everywhere. Anybody else tried this? Have seen the...