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  1. Africa Twin
    Well folks both my bulbs have blown so before i strip them out what should i be buying bulb wise H5 , H7'S ... :thumbup:
  2. Africa Twin
    I wanted to buy a pair of rear indicators but the front look a little worn out too so i think i will go the LED route found a set in china for under 7 pounds with a relay any one else bought a set from the east ? Wanted to keep it original but i fugure it would be a wise upgrade better to be...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Hi wise people, would someone be able to tell me the size of the outlet pipe when going to a 2 into 1 system and how that impacts on performance from the original system. I see 2 into 1 pipe adapter with muffler like GPR advertise but no mention of merged pipe size. Wouldn't going from 2 30mm...
  4. Transalp
    Hi guys, been a tad windy today. Gust took out an oak in the field and also blew bike over onto car. Bugger. Now is there an aftermarket tank to improve range? Any options. Will a 650 tank fit? If not anyone got a decent tank? I await your wise words☺️
  5. Africa Twin
    I know the recommended size is a 140, but can I run a d606 or a t63 on my bike in a 130 ? Seeing as there is not too much difference between the 4 and 7 weight and power wise and the 4 is fitted with a 130?
  6. Africa Twin
    I'm having to leave my AT in storage until April, is it wise to drain the carb before doing this ? Thanks for any advice :thumbup:
  7. Varadero
    Does anyone know if a pannier rack and boxes from a 2004 will fit a 2007, I don't think anything has changed frame wise just cosmetic?! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the option to buy a good second-hand set and just wanted to make sure. Thanks Andre
  8. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Seems all the original spec Tourances are now made in China & not the Fatherland Are they ok, grip wise in the dry & more importantly the wet :) Jap Dunlops from yesteryear put the fear of god on me, still after 30 years Are the China Tourances ok ??? Let's have your views :)
  9. Varadero
    how do they compare size and weight wise? is the Vara gonna be much taller than my TA600? it's got to be heavier that's something I am sure of. anyone else gone from TA to Vara and can give me any idea of the differences? there is a Vara for sale in the local bikeshop you see and I think I...
  10. Africa Twin
    Just browsed the MCN bikes for sale pages, as you do, and kicked the search for @'s up. 4 total, 3 of which are private. 2 of those private sales are 50+k miles old, and one of them is a bitsa to my eyes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but they all want £3k plus for their bikes...
  11. Africa Twin
    With the impending arrival of the A/T I thought it would be wise to arm myself with a shop manual,I'm not overkeen on Haynes and I've seen a genuine Honda shop manual advertised on ebay for a "T" model,the bike I'm getting is a "W" model,do you think there would be any significant...
  12. XR
    Probably been asked before,but......road riding and easy Green lanes,what would you recommend Pressure wise?
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Horrors of horrors :D I am tempted to the light side of Glenfiddich 12 yr old malt. I know, but the price of this delightful little dram has dropped considerably, so much so that I have taken on a considerable amount as a wee stash for the cold weather don't ya know ;) I'll see how things go...
  14. Africa Twin
    Lads I was new rims and stainless spokes for my RD07a MY99. What you recommend. Type and size wise.
  15. Africa Twin
    hi all, I have just registered for the royal british legion 1000 mile in 24hours charity ride, all funds rasied will be for the poppey appeal its takes place weekend 22, 23 & 24th of june i will be riding the clock wise southern route anybody on here doing it ? :thumbright: if so i would...
  16. XR
    Hi, anyone here got a XR650L? I quite like the idea of an XR based bike but with all the nicities (leccy-start, indicators etc, etc). What are they like weight-wise? I know that they're import only so does that cause problems with insurance? Any info greatly received. cheers, Bob.
  17. Varadero
    My back suspencion is stuck on low,we cant turn it up to high.Will i need a new rear shock^?^?? Please help me with all your so helpful advise that i get so often from the learned wise...
  18. Tools
    Anybody bought any of this kit ?, any pros and cons ?? Don't want to go overboard wonga wise as it is just for de scaling the beemer :D I may have access to a compressor which may simplify the issue:thumbup: Any recommendations would be appreciated
  19. Suzuki
    Hello wise ones. I want to fit a rack to the back of my 95 dr350 there ara a couple on ebay for a dr650 does any one know if they will fit if not is it possible to modify to fit? thanks in advance Paul
1-19 of 26 Results