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  1. Paddy Dakar ferry discount

    We have managed to get discounts for anyone wishing to go to the Paddy Dakar . These will need to be booked very soon to receive the discount so please contact the guys through the Taffy Dakar site or message me . Taffy's Invade The Paddy Dakar 2014 - Doon Ireland Welcome To The Paddy Dakar...
  2. Happy new year

    Happy New Year's wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2014 with lots of time for riding :occasion7: :occasion7: :sunny: Xx
  3. Goodwill to you all !

    Seasons greetings ! Unfortunately I've been off the plot again for a while. I'm not overly religious but It's not a bad time of year for just ? .......... Well,wishing friends all the very best. So, Happy Hol's to you all. Be healthy and ride safely into 2014 ! :thumbup: ( Those of you...
  4. To Jim and Fionna on your wedding..

    Deb and I are wishing you a long and happy life together. Have a safe ride down to italy Going to celebrate with a wee dram tonight. P.s. feck me Hudders scrubs up well :thumbup:
  5. Barkingmadscott

    Barry is currently in hospital, he's had an accident and has had his wrists operated on. For those who use Facebook then this is him. Just wishing him a speedy recovery, no one like to read of any accidents (especially when it's one of our own) so get...
  6. Kent/Sussex ride

    Regional Meets
    Hi all, I'm proposing a Kent/Sussex ride on Sunday 22-07-12 meet in Battle at say 10.00am. As i live in Maidstone i'm willing to meet anyone from this end wishing to come and go across country to battle. I'm away for a few days and will pick this up when i get back. I hope to see lots of you...
  7. Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone in XRV land a prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year :sunny: Xx
  8. Merry xmas from sunny Myanmar!

    Wishing you all a lovely xmas...we'll think of you when we sit down to our traditional turkey...with the air con on and 30degrees outside:D At least you've all got your bikes though...
  9. Wishing Everybody Here A Happy Lunar New Year

    Lot of fortunes and good health throughout the year of cow or ox ! oohh...this is the XRV forum so lets wish for nicer weather and saver miles too ! Cheers! Lun
  10. 'Swishing' noise

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone elses bike do this? When there is any load at all on the drivetrain, you can here a sort of 'swishing' noise. It could be described as grinding but a very very weak sort of grinding. I'm not sure what it is as I've done a fair few bits - could even be the new screen is simply...