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  1. Wanted: Rd04 pannier rack

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Guys. Looking for RD04 pannier rack witch one wouldn't cost a fortune. Can be second handed. Thanks Val
  2. Xrv 650 mosfet rectifier?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I'm looking to upgrade my rectifier, I have herd MOSFET is the best. I know they have a model suitable for the XRV 750 but I can't find one suitable for the 650, Can anyone help? If no MOSFET rectifier exists for the 650 witch one is recommended? My bike is a 1989 XRV 650.
  3. Sigmoidoscopy AAAAHHHHH

    I had one of these on Thursday. The procedure is a camera on the end of a pipe shoved up where the sun don't shine. Well the doctor, I hope it was a doctor, sent the thing up 80cm, then says " do you want alook". What would you have done? So I watched in glorious technicolor on a 26 inch...
  4. best cleaner

    Dominator / FMX
    I use petrol to clean my engine and most of my other parts.a mate of mine said deisel was better.any advances on as possible,no gunk,trying to stick as cheap as poss.good ols wives and witch recipes
  5. Electric problems! Heeeeelp!

    Africa Twin
    An odd thing started happening about a week ago ... When I turn on the high beam, the lights go out, and the starter motor wont run. Every other light and horn works fine! Without doing anything, like twitch cables, etc, the lights come back. It's getting a little more serious as time passes ...
  6. Hello

    Africa Twin
    hi every one im new to the fourm as i have just got my self my first africa twin (rd03650) :toothy10: witch i am currently moding in to a rallye replica so i will be asking loads of advice. and trying my best to help out others will uploads some pics soon, thanks :)
  7. xl600r jetting probs, please help

    hi, recently purchased a 6sigma jet kit, the instalation instructions say to leave the pilot standard, shimmed needles, 135 in primary, 132.5 secondry, and tried a 65 pilot but i couldnt get it to idle properly at all, so i tried a 55 and it runs better and starts easier, then i find out my...
  8. good day to you all

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    hi there from Leicester my self i am awaiting my new toy to arrive on Thursday witch is a Honda fmx650 .just for some fun so hope to have a thrash around with you all .hope there are some local meets around the midlands
  9. Converted :)

    Dominator / FMX
    :cheers:well today after doing a full service i decided it was time to go for a proper spin and see what these strange looking bikes could do compared to my sports rides, and i have to say i was more than plesantly suprised. :blob5: She was comfortable and stable, which i expected, what i didnt...
  10. External Temperature Gauge

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi everybody, Nearly got gaught out this morning with the ice, BIG twitch, need to fit an external temperature gauge, any recomendations or thoughts? Rick
  11. cdi

    Dominator / FMX
    i was just riding last week and my dommy just cut off. i stopt on the side off the road and had the feeling it was the CDI. after pushing and pulling it a few times the bike started againg but after driving for a while the same problem again,and with another pull and push on the Cdi it started...
  12. XR650R Headlight

    Hello can any one help me as my headlight bulbs keep blowing up. My xr when I got it, has twin headlights 12V 25/25W bulbs but no parking light ,all indicators, break light works fine,starts first time so not to sure. Trying to work the electrics out there is a regulator/rectifier at front...
  13. Visitor from french forum

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi guys, Usually, I am on Portail, witch is a french forum about the 125 cc monocylinder. I'm just coming to see how you deal with your bikes. The 125 XLS was my first bike, then I got many bigger, road, trail or enduro bikes, but the bike I was dreaming about before being a biker was a trial...
  14. For Sale: 1998 AT rd07 Black & Orange

    For Sale / Wanted
    NOW ONLY £2800 anyone??? HI guys im selling my Africa Twin as i had an operation on my knee and its just to heavy for me now so sadly it must go. Its a 1998 AT 17,500 miles on the clock (28,000Km) Its had 2 owners from new (im the second) Its in origonal condition, amazing condition for age...
  15. closing down sale at J&S in london

    Africa Twin
    I stuck this in discounts and deals aswell, the grinwitch store is shutting down on september 1st and evrything is 25% or 50% off they still have a load of gear from jackets, boots, trousers, helmets even down to chains and locks. not such a great selection in sizes but still some bargins to be had
  16. J&S Closing down sale!!! (grinwitch)

    Discounts / Deals
    just thought id let u know that the grinwitch j&s store is shutting down and they are geting rid of evrything CHEAP (grinwitch london probebley spelt wrong but im dislexic so meh) if u are going there phone em just to make sure they are still open as i dont know when there last day is. there is...
  17. clutch lever handle

    Can the 700 owners please check the spell on their clutch handle. I don't mean the normal movement "pull in and let loose again" when shiffting gear ,but the spell up and down. Mine has since a long time about 1,5 cm movement up en down. Dealer says "its as tighten as possible" ,we checked the...
  18. Greenwitch Maritime Museum Parking Tube

    Hello, I am planning to visit the Maritime Museum in Greenwitch with my family sometime soon. I will probably drive down and would like to park somewhere near a tube station and travel the last bit by tube. Can anyone on this forum give me any advice on my best options, it would probably be a...
  19. "Africa Twin" Letter type

    Africa Twin
    Hello from Norway. I wish to write something else with the same letter/style with witch "Africa Twin" is written. I am looking for the font/letter type especially from 1996 model or the newest RD07A. Would be nice if someone could help me with this. Regards Aikidimi
  20. Change of lightbulb in the instrument panel.

    Oh dear my bike is fightning hard with me now. Almost as if it doesn't wan't to go on the trip.. So a lightbulb died in the instrument panel, now when driving in the dark the lightbulb that is supposed to give light to my speedometer is no more. When I get up to 80 km/h then the other bulb...