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  1. Wobbly front end on my Africa Twin RD03

    Africa Twin
    I have a 1989 RD03 and the front end feels like it's made of jelly. If I shake the bars when stationary the whole front end wobbles back up through the bars. This also happens when moving at low speeds (below 10mph) and when coming to a stop which throws the whole bike off balance. Once moving...
  2. My quandary.

    Africa Twin
    Hello peeps, this is the third time of trying to post, The chain snapped on my transalp. last week, got away with it, but the sprocket cover bracket bent so a new cover required.My quandary is, l have a complete replacement Africa twin swingarm, wheel and brake, should I upgrade...
  3. Back brake caliper wobbly...normal?

    Africa Twin
    Front one is solid, but back one wobbles sideways if you grab hold of it...Bolts are tight:confused5: Knew I shouldn't clean my bike...nothing but bloody trouble:rolleyes:
  4. Low Speed Wobbles

    Hello everyone I am riding a 2001 XL650V, really loving it, except whenever i rev up to 5K rpm the bike will wobble very badly till 3Krpm it becomes normal I have change my steering cones, new balanced tires, wheel bearings, anyone know the cause of this? Thanks:p
  5. Florrie wobbles

    Africa Twin
    Enough of the sniggering :toothy4: Have been out again today on my lurvely AT, and noticed it at the national and again today, when I get to about 65 and above the handlebars seem to wobble quite a bit making the bike feel quite unstable. Is this because it has TKC's on or is there something...
  6. Urgent Help needed: Steering wobbles

    Just back from a "shakedown run" fully laden with lad and camping gear, from Hay on Wye. Super run up and down, BUT, the old girl is wallowing like a blanmange! :) This wallowing is manageable, but the head shaking that has also started is not! Take my hands off the bars and in 4-5 secs I would...