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  1. front sprocket

    Well, that's weird. I just fitted a very lightly used chain and sprocket set bought from Germany, in great condition. The front sprocket looks to be a genuine Honda one with '15K' stamped in the rubber. It has no visible wear on its teeth yet it is a sloppy, wobbly fit on the shaft. The...
  2. Oh FFS!!!!

    The first decent riding day in ages (even warm enough for leathers) and I manage a bloody puncture just miles from where my bike threw a massive wobbly this time last year. I am never going riding in Essex in May again. I actually joked on FB a while ago that I need a second job to pay for my...
  3. Suspension adjustment

    Probably a dumb question but as it is from me, it's ok.... Sometimes, entering into corners, I get the feeling of the bike being a little "wobbly" is the best I can describe it. Those of you who know me, will know I am not a light weigth. Is it just a case of trial and error, make it the bike a...
  4. Back brake caliper wobbly...normal?

    Africa Twin
    Front one is solid, but back one wobbles sideways if you grab hold of it...Bolts are tight:confused5: Knew I shouldn't clean my bike...nothing but bloody trouble:rolleyes:
  5. Calling All Chippies - What's This?

    Ok, moving house soon and have taken my oak bed apart, most of the cast fitting have disintegrated, in fact the one I photographed is the last complete set. What is the correct name of the sliced circle washer thing, and the tapered thread bit? Where can I buy them? The tapered thing goes in...
  6. Wobbly tyres ( TKC 80’s )

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hi just got myself a KTM 950 and was thinking of putting TKC 80s on it, I had a KTM 450 and with TKCs it was good for 85+ mph but my brother has a Yamaha xt660r and with TKCs he gets a very scary wobble dead on 70mph every time. Anyway the question is to anyone with these tyres on a big bike...
  7. Wobbly gearchange

    Dominator / FMX
    What it says really - about an inch or so of free play on the lever, despite me Dremel-ing the clamp to give it an extra squeeze. Any solutions? My current list includes: (a) Weld the bugger (b) Araldite the bugger (c) Drill through & add a self tapper (d) Strip the whole damn thing and get...
  8. wobbly new rider

    Hello everyone, just bought a '98 transalp with about 25k miles on it in Limoges in France. It's my first bike after passing my test in 2004 (had no money at the time). Very pleased with the bike after a couple of days so far, the only worry I have is that the front end seems a bit wobbly in...
  9. Wobbly Front End

    Africa Twin
    No guys, not a cold weeather problem in the trouser department :shock: I have had a bit of a wobble - more low speed 30 to 40 then 80 plus - on bends. Did the usual and checked tyre pressures. Checked tyres (or so I thought). Checked wheel bearings (slight play so changed). Took bike out and...