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  1. Wolf Titanium Outlast

    Has anyone got the Wolf titanium outlast jacket and trousers? What do you think of them, not many internet reviews. I tried them on today and thought they were very comfortable, well made and very good quality all round. Worth the price tag. Cheers guys
  2. to my fellow Wolf Packers

    einen guten Rutsch! :occasion5::occasion5::occasion5::occasion5::occasion5::occasion5:
  3. XRV wolf pack stickers

    HI guys , DC has kindly designed a little stick for the BMWers If ypu want some drop me a PM and we can arrange a sticker run rough costs a pound plus postage.
  4. Wolf Titanium

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all Looking at getting new kit and came across Wolf Titanium. Strange material but very comfy. Has anyone had any experiance with this stuff?