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  1. Wolfman Rollie bag set up

    Rolie Bag Saddle Bag Combo for Small / Medium Rolie's > Wolfman Rolie Bag System I've got the option of getting a set of theses, looks very well made but not tried the set up, anybody?
  2. Giant loop verus wolfman panniers

    Following a thread I started else where Ive narrowed down my soft luggae choice for a 2 week morocco offroading trip on my trusty steed ( xr400) to the wolfman panniers with enduro top duffel bag (total 154 quid) and the giant loop system ( 178 quid). has anyone tried either of these systems...
  3. Wolfman luggage

    You may remember a thread about luggage options and I think it was Slimie who gave me the heads-up on Wolfman I bought the full set and have to say it is by far the best made and designed kit I've ever had. I've done loads of miles fully loaded and...
  4. Wolfman tank bag?

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone have one of these Explorer Lites, or Enduro tank bags that they use on their AT? If you do, any chance of some piccies of it fitted? Along side and from behind would be ideal.