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  1. Anyone else having trouble with this site?

    It wont let me change my email address in "settings" It doesn't email me when I get a private message It doesn't email me when there is a reply to a thread I am subscribed to All this seems to have started a few days ago Is anyone else having these problems?
  2. 650 rear sprocket for sale (1 less tooth than standard)

    used on the bike for about 50 miles it's 47 tooth. ie one less tooth than the standard 48 tooth. ie. revs will be slightly lower in the cruise £15 posted (it's currently in my dad's shed so wont be able to post it for a few weeks)
  3. Aftermarket exhaust

    I am looking for a new aftermarket exhaust for my rebuild. I tried something I bought off ebay a while back but it was really really loud. Any suggestions for ones which wont shatter the neighbours eardrums or break the bank? Cheers
  4. Fuel Light on - Bike doesnt Start

    Hello mates, sometimes when I turn on the key the fuel light doesnt goes out and the bike wont start. What could be the problem? regards Vara 2002 carbs
  5. Cant bleed brakes - new piston rear

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, I have replaced the rear piston and seals on my Nissan caliper. I cant get the dam thing to work now. I have tried to bleed but it wont seem to? Any tips??
  6. Wont let me post in the for sale section ?

    Africa Twin
    As the post says people ive tried to put my AT up for sale in the for sale section but for some reason it wont take it ?
  7. AT No power wont idle

    How to.....
    No power wont idle No power wont idle
  8. spoked wheel refurb

    whats the best spokes to fit loking to refurb the wheels on my 03 ta with spokes that wont rust
  9. front Forks

    Hi all can anyone tell me how I can tell if the front forks on my sons varadero are "BENT OR TWISTED so badly they wont pass a mot" to quote the mechanic. I cant see anything and it rides ok according to my son. Cheers
  10. Wanted: 2x fuel tank senders for RD04

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello all So ive just bought my first @t and the senders for the reserve lights on the tank are bust.....does anybody have some working ones that wont set me back the earth? thanks mark
  11. why wont it let me upload pictures?

    Dominator / FMX
    has title says i try uploading and it wont whats url mean?
  12. Wanted: wanted for my 6'6" son

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Has anyone got a 125 for my 6 foot 6, brick out-house of a son please. a varedaro or the likes as he wont fit on anything else. Pref not too much money:thumbup:
  13. how do i upload pictures has its asking for url what is this?

    has above ive tryed uploading pictures of my dominator quad but wont let me its asking for url how do i get this and what is it :mad:
  14. New water temp sensor wont fit

    Africa Twin
    Ok so fitting the new koso temp sensor, both same size and threads seem match yet new one wont fit it, swear it was size too big anyone have this issue with their koso temp sensors
  15. XRV Shock absorbers??

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone tell me if there are differences between the shock fitted to the RD04 and the RD07?I think I may have a RD07 on my RD04 as the resovior wont reach the mounting point on the frame??:(
  16. the best bike mags you wont see on the shelf

    Chatter :toothy10::toothy10::toothy10::toothy10::toothy10::toothy10::toothy10:
  17. headlight guard RD04

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know where I can get an RD04 headlight guard? the metal one?? Have tried some of the european sites but they wont ship to the UK for sensible money.
  18. Fatbars question

    Africa Twin
    Might be a daft question but hey ho...! Putting some fatbars on my @t....I asume I need to fit bar end wieghts but took the gubbins out of the old bars, they wont fit in to fatbar ends...? What have other folks done.....
  19. Transalp 07 650 key sticking in the ignition. Quick fix ?

    Key keeps sticking in the ignition. It wont turn at all until I jiggle it about a bit. I thought of spraying a bit of wd in it but thought against. Any clues anyone ? Had this trouble yourself ?
  20. flippin Tizer wont start!

    1) it has fuel 2) the starter is turning it over but it wont start 3) no i didn't put diesel in it 4) yes i did ask it nicely 5) the battery appears fine 6) i washed the bugger just before it stopped working 7) i liberally and joyously sprayed the whole bike with WD40 after it's bath 8 ) no not...