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  1. Plastic brake pistons?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all this is one for the mechanics on here I recently bought e full set of front brake pistons for the TA when they arrived they appeared to be made of plastic probably phenolic with a steel cap there are no instructions with them so I have no idea which way round they should be fitted...
  2. Tank bag

    Bodgers Corner
    Why do tank bags have poxy, small map pockets or more infuriatingly a decent size pocket that has a small opening....? Anyway, my new to me Givi tanklock bag is the latter, I'm just able to get a small tuff map in there (can you still get them?) Talk about wood for the trees. A walkers map...
  3. Need help with fork conversion

    Hi everyone got myself a 2000 plate xr 400, it's had a crf fork conversion done. Now my question is can someone help me please and measure from the ground to say the dip stick or somewhere. I want to make sure that due to the forks being changed when I'm checking the oil it's accurate and...
  4. Skinflint heated jacket

    Bodgers Corner
    Jesus wept, talk about not seeing the wood for the trees..... I've been looking for a heated jacket type of thing & figured there must be a cheaper way than the ~£150 bespoke stuff. Take one of these; A few of these; Can you see where this is going..... End up with this; It works an...
  5. Me 71 kgs, RD 07 220 kgs = Mounting my AT on the centre stand unassisted.

    Africa Twin
    I am a mere 71 kgs (156 lbs) at a height of 176 cms. Mounting my 1997 RD07 AT on to the centre stand was an impossibility for a thin bloke like me. Then, a few days ago, I read a post of someone placing a 2.5 cm (01 inch) high piece of wood plank under the rear wheel to mount the bike on the...
  6. 'wooden' Sportster and BIG V Twin (Flying Millyard) at Calne bike day

    Buell / Harley Davidson
    Went to Calne bike day yesterday on my Drifter, saw a few TAs and an Africa Twin loads of GS's and 100's of Harleys This Sportster had a very realistic wood paint scheme Also saw the Flying Millyard being ridden in the traffic, had seen it on other occasions but static, picture from last year
  7. looking for loom etc

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all , don't suppose anyone has a dominator rd02 loom and all the gubbins that goes with it for sale, many thanks woody
  8. Fuel pump stopped working, give it a few taps and now it works but is leaking!

    Africa Twin
    The bike wouldn't start this morning and was showing all the signs that the original pump had seized. I came back to the bike tonight and gave the fuel tap a few knocks with a bit of wood and the bike started. Unfortunately the pump in now leaking from a part of the pump hidden by the black...
  9. Reluctant starter

    I've a 2005 Varadero 1000, newish to me — lovely bike; rode it down to Italy two or three weeks back. The couple of times I've had it out since, it's struggled to start. My impression is that the longer it's sat in between rides (week to ten days thus far), the less oomph the battery can...
  10. Dominator lower chain slider ???

    Dominator / FMX
    Any one know what this bracket i've circled in red is for on the RD08 domi cant see nowt in the manual fitted down there On the early dominator there's a chain slider down there, there's also one on my AT so decided to fit one to my dominator as i don't like the chain sag, there seems to be...
  11. Abba stand or Center stand?

    I was wondering if any of you have used the abba stand on the Varadero XL1000? I have been doing a bit of research, I see some complaining about the weight of the bike when lifting it on the center stand. I know that the abba stand is slightly short for the Varadero and read somewhere about...
  12. A wiltshire bimble

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Went for a spin today taking in a few of Wiltshires easy Byways. Ideal big trailie country as its been dry for a while: One horse at Devizes Towards Cherhill Another horse! This time near Milk Hill Pewsey way Into my fave bluebell wood Westwood near Marlborough Along the Ridgeway only...
  13. The Quiet Road

    Great Roads/Routes
    I found a book that may be of interest to soft roaders more Vara than XR. The title is The Quiet Road by C Greenwood A5 format 72 pages. It is a series of routes, tours of 80 to 150 miles, generally starting from Bath that generally went over country lanes- the quiet roads, in the mid west...
  14. Harvey's Christmas present

    We've been thinking what to get him for Christmas and couldn't really decide on anything. Then i was talking to a mate who had plans to build a scaled down land Rover. He had built one a bout 10 years back for his daughter and still had the plans and some other bits for the build so i bought...
  15. run, fat boy, run.....

    Charity Events
    Ok, in August I set myself (well, thats a lie, my Doctor did!) a 5 stone weight loss target - not too bad so far, just over 3 and a half stone so far! I also set myself a 10 mile running target which was ambitious to say to least... my first run lasted 3 minutes before having to walk... I was...
  16. Those crazy Norwegians

    From the BBC - Norway's NRK broadcasts 12-hour wood burning programme. But like the man said - "Fire is the reason we're here, if there was no firewood, we couldn't live in Norway, we'd freeze. :D 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam -...
  17. The London Motorcycle Show?

    Ha! Just 1.5 days to go until the London Motorcycle Show Really looking forward to it again this year. They seem to have done quite a lot to bring the show up to speed with the various zones they are setting up. You've seen the Adventure and Travel zone info? Lets hope that it all works. The...
  18. Opinions on a Cockpit / Dashboard

    Africa Twin
    Hi there. Now it's really winter in southern Sweden. Quite cozy indoors, with the wood stove going and blizzard outside. I'm working on a Cockpit / Dashboard that I bought. Want opinions on what is of use to add. Before I paint it What do you think. Some ideas ? If you look at the pictures, I...
  19. HELP!! I'v drowned my bike

    I need some advice from the good folk on the forum I got myself into some deep water today and drowned my Alp :(:(:( Can any one advise as to the corect procedure to dry her out what to look for bits to check etc. any help will be greatfully received. Cheers Woody
  20. What was this all about?

    Van driver attacked motorcyclist in Derbyshire. To quote - "Police are investigating after the driver of a white van tried to force a motorcyclist off the road in Derbyshire. Detectives said the van's passenger also tried to hit the rider with a piece of wood." Wonder what the...