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  1. Dominator or xtr 660

    Dominator / FMX
    Well lads that time again where I'm thinking of my next bike, I'm leaning towards another Dominator but they seem to be slim on the ground in this neck of woods (ROI), I am wondering if anyone here has had both and would you recommend one over the other? Thanks in advance:thumbright:
  2. Exploring around the Southern Alps

    Africa Twin
    After a little trip on my own I was keen to get back to the Sestriere area with a mate - it all felt a bit bold on my own! True adventure indeed. Anyway, mate turned up with a GS and we had a "quick" lap round the Col delle Finistere and Strada dell'Assieta in the afternoon. Quick until we hit...
  3. Tyre options.

    Dominator / FMX
    My project should be done with the electrician next week and ready to fire up and I will post a video as soon as jnr turns up with his camera.:D:D:D The seat has been ordered from Vonzeti and they have a 30 day turn around. The only thing left to think about now is my tyre choice. I will doing...
  4. 2006 xr250 head light

    I have the above bike with elec start and no kick start. Is there a way of putting a inline switch in the loom so the front and back light can be switched off for starting on the button. Unless my battery is tip top the lights seem to run the starter motor down. Would also be handy for when in...
  5. Looks like spring's arrived!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, two weekends in a row with blue skies and sun up here in the Highlands! I took the Elefant out for a run this afternoon, thought I'd share a couple of pics with you all. Still loving the Ducati SS750 motor, although I might have to learn to behave as it slurps petrol like a sportsbike...
  6. Cuppa cuddling morning folks.

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Good morning folks, I'm casey from Lincs uk, my interests are mainly outdoor stuff, I have just bought an ex mod 1995 xr250r, which I will restore to mod spec, it joins the other bushbikes which are a 1996 Harley MT350, and a 1985 Armstrong MT500,( which I have just this weekend sold) we also...
  7. A Ride Around the Hills

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Nipped out for a quick spin around the local hills this morning, seeing as the sun was out and the roads are still relatively free of salt (well, most of them) Slipped along the northern bank of the Spey, heading for Grantown, and somehow rode onto one of the fishermans tracks River Spey -...
  8. Trail bike hire in Central France, Limousin

    New for summer 2014, Ridelimousin is now offering trail bike hire as well as guided trail riding tours. You can fly into Limoges airport from the UK and we can provide airport pickup, protective clothing and everything you need! Please see our website for more info and prices. A few pics of...
  9. Mitas e09 + Pirelli M21 combi...

    Africa Twin
    Well after over a year of K60 Scout on the bike I decided today to get the Mitas e09 + Pirelli M21 combi fitted. The Scouts have been IMO a really good all round tyre and lasted well, still got about 4 maybe 5mm left in the center but after taking the bike through the woods on a wet track and...
  10. Newbie

    CRF - New Forum!
    Afternoon, New to this forum and to enduro and was after a bit of advice! Has anyone used Vic Eastwoods in swanley before? I have a CRF450X (too big for me, I know) and was looking at them to check out the motor for me but heard a few bad reports about them!! Any advice greatly appreciated. Jon
  11. Wet Weeekend but...

    Africa Twin
    ...still enjoyed it..saturday through the woods in Skåne to the east coast and up and back sunday. Always good to have the right gear on, made a change to get home dry :thumbup:
  12. tt closer to the edge fri utv 11.05pm glory days of british bikeing tue bbc4 2.40 am

    closer to the edge on tonight on utv its in other channels on sky hear in Ireland . so I cant tape it but I can set the alarm clock on my mobile phone . im looking forward to it I heard its a good show .
  13. Fine weekend tour in Sweden..

    Decided to tour along the old roads along the west coast saturday and as luck would have it turned out the hottest day this year so far :thumbup: The coastal area and roads I followed were in Halland, very nice and untouched by modern standards.. Stopped for a break at Göstas cafe..not changed...
  14. Good times, bad times. you know I've had my share

    Today Took the AT for a spin to the butchers (none of that horse stuff) then off into deepest Lincolnshire and Willingham (Willy) Woods meet :p But when I stopped at the caff the speedo wouldn't work on the way home :mad: At home had about an hour to get the cowl off and check the cable and...
  15. Idiot indeed!!

    BBC News - Willingham Woods speeder admits 'driving like an idiot'
  16. Brrrrr, it's cold!

    Probably the last ride for this season. :( Expecting snow in the comming week. Started at 11AM after some oil changes on the old one. (The red bike, not me). Got home at 1800 well after dark, and driving at -2 degrees celcius for the last two hours. We had -8 the night before, so a lot of the...
  17. Looking for forest type roads in Austria

    Hi List, I hope I am posting this in the right goes. I am living in Burghausen, Germany, due east of Munich on the German/Austrian border. I really like riding (my Transalp) through woods and forests. Dirt roads are fine but the Transalp is no dirt bike:) I was hoping someone...
  18. Natures Craft Fundamentals bushcraft weekend

    Just returned from the Fundamentals bushcraft weekend with in Wiltshire run by Andy Noble. Being new to the whole bushcraft/living off the land thing I was a little apprehensive but glad I went on the course since met some great people on the course with me and the...
  19. Please help me before I go insane (and burn my bike on big campfire in the woods)

    Africa Twin
    I've bought a new shock and a full set of bearings for the 'cushion assy.' ... been at it most of the evening, but I can't get the (heavy cursing) cushion arm (not sure this is the name) out of the last top joint. Spent hours and hours looking at schematics and searching the web ... nothing! I...
  20. First Post to say Hello.....and a quick question too!

    Just wanted to say hello and share a few pics of my new XR250L on a 1999 S Plate. I picked it up on Thursday, she's a bit rough around the edges as its been used soley on fields and woods by its previous owner, but I'm aiming to get it through its MOT for the summer, then I'm looking to do a...