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  1. Woolwich....Atmospheric Times?

    This could escalate....I hope not. Horrible.....
  2. NHS - the fight just got personal

    BBC London tonight featured a protest meeting about the planned closure of my local hospital's A&E (well several meetings as they had to keep hireing more and more buildings to accomodate us all). Another local trust has gone bankrupt so some chinless wonder has been hired to produce a £2m...
  3. Brake disc's

    Africa Twin
    I need to replace all the disc's on my 1996 AT , the cost of spares in Spain are horrendous ,example 15 euro's for an oil filter . So I will be in the Uk for a couple of days and would wish for advice from you guys. I have read on the forums that people are less than impressed with EBC brake...
  4. London Calling May 09

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Met up at Rykas with Big Rog, Jem, PDsquire and newcomer Dr Law, who joined recently just to do The Longest Day. Dr Law spent Sunday in three separate AA recovery vans getting her BMW 650 home from Wales so she was out on her little 250. After the sun of Sunday it was a gray, overcast morning...
  5. For Sale: GIVI Point e33 (33 litre) Topbox and mounting plate.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Surplus to needs. Collection at ME1 2XG, Rochester - Kent, please. (Or could take with to Woolwich, Bromley, Penge, Croydon areas) Long since not new. Ususal fading (They all do that sir :( ) Has scratch/scuff mark as per photo. Comes with standard scooter type mounting base plate. I also...