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    Liskeard barber's megaphone parking warden alerts silenced. So, there's this enterprising barber who was using a megaphone to warn local shoppers of parking wardens in the area, and the council have put him on a "cautionary list" of people they see as a threat to their workers' health and...
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    I missed the channel 4 program on Monday called How Britain Worked presented by Guy Martin but have just watched it on 4OD. Well worth a look if for no other reason than listening to Guy's down to earth obsevations on how the old railway workers had to really graft for a living. Seeing the steam...
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    Caught on camera: Amazing moment motorbike showroom workers fight off six raiders as they try to walk out with two £25,000 Ducati motorbikes | Mail Online Guess these morons didn't plan out the robbery too well then, muppets. Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for...
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    Found this on Therevounter forum - Transport Research Laboratory: High Conspicuity* Garments for Road Workers, Final Report. I refer the reader to Figure 10 on Page 37. And the powers that be are still trying to force "Highly Conspicuous" Hi-Viz Jackets on users motorcyclists in the totally...
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    Do we have any on the forum - if so would be interested in speaking to you. I am thinking of a career change - looking some advice Thanks James
1-5 of 5 Results