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  1. Do I have a chain problem or worse?

    Africa Twin
    Please see this video the chain is jumping around on tickover, is there an issue with my chain or drive?
  2. Air Cut Off Valve Cap Hole Size ?

    Dominator / FMX
    This is the air cut off valve cap Amongst many other things i tried to make sure everything is clean etc So when I tried to blow through this i thought it could be blocked Very difficult to blow through so i thought try pushing something through Tried old fuse wire, nope, tried a pin, nope...
  3. Dominator 650 gearchange problem.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys. I've a '95 RD08 with an RD02E engine and reading 36000 kms, 6 months ago I bought my bike and changed the oil putting in 20/50. Within a few weeks the gearchange became poor refusing to go into 4th and 5th until the bike had warmed after a few miles, I've subsequently put 15/40 then...
  4. Rd 04 idle problem

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I have an rd04 runs and rides really well,the choke and idle adjustment works has they should. The problem i have is if the idle is set around the 1200-1250 rpm region from time to time the bike cuts out when idling. Having the idle set nearer the 1500 rpm the bikes revs will suddenly...
  5. Advice needed re: TA 600 progressive springs

    1989 TA 600, 55,000 miles. I ride in London, so it's pot hole and speed hump heavy, the bike seems to to have developed harsh front suspension, it really crashes and bangs over the bumps, almost like it's not soaking up the bumps like it used to (unless the potholes have got worse) Would...
  6. I have a problem with wind

    Dominator / FMX
    My Dommie lives on the street so it hides under an Oxford Stormex cover when not in use. At least three times in the last month the wind has got it and knocked the bike over. We live on a slight hill so the bike is always parked with the side stand side down hill but because it's quite a tall...
  7. Check your airbox!! Perished carb tubes

    Africa Twin
    I'm still slowly rebuilding my bike. Luckily I decided to give the airbox a wipe over with a rag and saw that the tubes have perished and come away from the main body. The one that looks worse, I pulled to make sure I wasn't imagining things. I figured if it's actually fine it won't tear, and...
  8. For Sale: Full genuine honda brake pads front and rear for RD04

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda Africa Twin RD04 genuine parts bought and never used still in packet front 45105-mv1-406 rear 0645-kt7-405 will fit other bikes but no idea which. Packet may be worse for wear but pads fine cost new nearly £80 Would swop for RD07 pads lol £50 posted
  9. so the curse strikes again ...... should i just give up

    Africa Twin
    well here we go again . started the rebuild this week . all new bearings in , gearbox in lets try a dry build with the crank ............................ and of the new black main bearing is not a black main bearing???? i took it to the local bike shop and we checked it its not a...
  10. changing side panels

    Dominator / FMX
    swapped standard exhaust for a gpr 2 into 1 system the standard side panels look a bit odd as the end can is a lot smaller and sits closer to the frame and the other side is even worse with a missing torpedo sized can. would something like xr/xl or even cr be a simple(ish) swap?
  11. RD04 Silencer protector WANTED

    Africa Twin
    Well the secondhand silencer that I bought from Austria has arrived and certainly doesn't look any worse than the photos made it look in the advert. Lets hope it fits........ So, what I need now is (I know, Iknow, want want want....) is the silencer protector. The cage type thing that bolys to...
  12. For Sale: Tech 7 Alpine stars

    For Sale / Wanted
    got a pair of very good condition Alpine stars tech 7 for sale they are hardly used abd i won't be competition riding anymore so they are up for sale This is the only fault with them ans is only cosmetic not structural. My foot slipped off the kick starter and the teeth on the footpeg...
  13. What Compact Digital

    Anyone got any suggestions for a good compact digital. Ideally shirt pocket fit with decent zoom and good quality images. Waterproof would be a bonus. Price not critical. My current digital compact is 6 years old and showing the worse for wear. When I compare pictures to ones taken on more...
  14. One of those you don't want to think about moments.

    I've been working on the little R65 and went to remove the rear swing arm for some cosmetic work and to check the bearings, pulled back the rubber boot on the drive shaft coupling and one of the 4 drive shaft connecting bolts dropped out on to the floor. :( It got worse. Turns out the shaft was...
  15. Dominator chain kit

    Dominator / FMX
    I have just degreased my o-ring chain and decided it might not be a bad idea to replace it as the teeth on the front sprocket look a bit stretched. It has a 15T front and a 45T rear sprocket. Would it perform better or worse if I went with a 47T on the rear? What do you guys prefer, o-ring or...
  16. doesnt start on button, bump start ok. any ideas?

    Dominator / FMX
    as the title says, when trying to start on button, sometimes it doesnt want to start and when check, either a weak spark or no spark but when bump started, it starts immediately!. i'm helping a friend with his dommie. has a good less than a year old battery.spins fine. we were thinking maybe...
  17. Wanted: Wanted RD07 good rear shock

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi looking to buy a good rear shock for 2001 RD 07 think mine is goosed I ,m in Belfast happy to pay postage , please something which is good not one worse than my one . Just thougth would try here before I run out and sell the dog to buy one, if I take mine of to be rebuilt will be off the...
  18. Great contact for machined / fabricated parts

    Africa Twin
    If you need any one-off parts machining for your bike you could do alot worse than checking out this guy: Highly recommended :thumbup:
  19. XR400 1st Gear Clunk

    Hi Folks, Not sure whether I have a problem of not!! I just started to notice that my bike clunks when I drop it into 1st gear, I honestly can't remember if it's always been like it but just noticed last night! I only had the bike since the beginning of the year and haven't spent that much...
  20. Intermittent tapping / knock

    Now I have the carbs dialled in a little better (I still thing they could be better still) and the tickover is down lower I have a knock. It sounds much worse on the video than in real life. Big ends felt OK when I had the heads and barrels off only a handful of miles ago. It sounds like it's...