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  1. Newbie with stupid question...

    I nearly bought a Transalp when they first came out. But didn't. Loved the look of it though. Now, I've just bought a 2004 Transalp. Question: does old style bodywork from the original fit a 2004 or has the frame changed as well as the bodywork on the later ones. It's not such a stupid question...
  2. Malaysian Airlines MH370 - Theories?

    It seems to have garnered more news than what's going on in Crimea, I guess because it's a mystery. The worst case scenario does have to be considered, BUT, I'm of the opinion that there is still a glimmer of hope that everyone on that Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 could still be alive. What...
  3. Advanced Riding Demo or Not

    No words to describe this! Manila Worst driver in the world caught on CCTV - YouTube Are there?
  4. WEATHER!!

    Well it's been blowing really hard so far this morning and the rain is coming down heavier now. The worst of the weather is not expected here until late afternoon/early evening. Take it easy out there if your on the roads, especially if your on a bike!
  5. Rear wheel problems...

    Hi all, Thought I'd share the state of my TA's rear wheel. Irritating that the previous owner ignored him, left him alone in a garage for so many years it got to this... The valve area is the worst... I'm still riding him daily, but I wonder how long until a spoke goes through the inner...
  6. Worst excuse ever

    You would have thought he could have come up with a better reason for wearing a "mask" in the middle of a riot. BBC News - Man 'disgusted' at Tyne-Wear derby police horse attack
  7. 1987 XR250 exhaust

    Hi, first post here. I have an 87 XR250 with a rotted out exhaust, the header pipe. It's no longer available from Honda so I'm looking for an aftermarket one I guess. Anyone know of a company who make one?? If worst comes to worst maybe a custom made pipe but i'm guessing that will cost!!
  8. Transalp and sidecar,anybody done this?

    i seem to be having problems with a hip joint and am wondering if anyone out there has a TA with sidecar fitted? just toying with the idea if the worst happens and i cant get my leg over anymore(ohh err!!!) so has anyone done this,got pics to show or any experiance of three wheeling?
  9. Worst Album Covers of ALL time !!!!

    Just pinches this link from another forum, worth a look and sooo funny!!!! Worst Album Covers of All Time | The Blog
  10. All men are dirty b*****ds but northerners are...

    the dirtiest of the lot according to yet another piece of astounding Daily Mail (aka the Daily Bigot) journalism. That's right according to today's Mail northern men have more germs than southerners, those in Newcastle being the dirtiest. They're closely followed by Brummies and Scousers with...
  11. 5 months incredable riding... then a bikers worst nightmare

    i passed my test in june and have been loving my bike and riding since till yesterday... Riding home from my chicks house before work and i was minding my own business in the fast lane and some a***hole decides to change lanes and smash straight into the side of me... my bike isnt to bad i...
  12. TA splines: how to avoid the worst?

    Whynot's thread made me think: How could one limit the chances of / rate at which output splines might wear down? Something like smearing a gasket sealer over the splines to give a resisitant, elastic cushion to the sprocket's movement on acceleration/decceleration?
  13. Worst surfaced road in Wales?

    Out for a bimble with my SO and after a stop of at J&S in Northwich I was informed I was going to have tea at the Ponderosa Cafe on the Horseshoe Pass near Llangollen... Fired up the 'alp and headed towards the armpit of the borders, Wrexham. Rather than cutting across to Llangollen from...
  14. 2 stroke in coolant?? whats the worst?

    Mechanical Advice
    morning everyone, yesterday i bought a honda mtx 125 for dirt cheap as the previous owner has slapped 2 stroke in the coolant. is this real bad or can it be sorted easy enough. any help would be ,much appreciated :D
  15. Ireland's worst driver.

    Chatter Its Mr Prawo Jazdy :D:D:D
  16. My worst accident ever

    Africa Twin
    For the past 11 years, i had few accidents but this one has been worst. On a thursday 6/3/2008, cruising in town pretty fast. I was doing 120km/h and the street was empty just another biker few meters ahead of me was doing 20km/h and heard a storm behind him(Africa Twin), stupidly he turned to...
  17. The Worst Man Flu - EVER !!

    Back at work today after the easter break - but spent it with the worst man flu I've ever had. Went for a wee cycle on Friday and thought there was something wrong with the bike - first hint that I was going down with some lurgie !!!. By Sunday evening it was bad , very bad , it's remarkable I...
  18. Worst Vehicles on the Roads

    Jeremy Vine is doing a phone-in to find the worst vehicles and which ones people want off the road. Someone just phoned in to say motor cycles should be taxed off the road @ £5,000 per year or banned!! Apparently all riders have a death wish.