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  1. Close call- thought this one is worthy of a share on here

    Lets just say he is one lucky guy
  2. Olive Oil .........Sharibee

    Well folks Sharribee is doing another Run for her Mountain Rescue Team,I am going to donate £20 to Sharri,s Fund if she dresses up as Olive Oil for the run.Come on people let,s get behind this effort for a very worthy cause.Francis
  3. Honda XR650R for swap, maybe sale.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Im just not getting on with the bike. Would have suited me a few years back but after a heart attack, a badly mashed right foot which dont help with the starting etc etc its time to go for a softer option. Im sick as a parrot cause theres no way i'll get my money back on it but i guess we all...
  4. i would like to say thankyou to !!!!!!!

    WEE JACK !:cool::cool::cool: he has been a real star sorting out my KTM testride in scotland..beating the dealler into submission for a good deal..sending me loads of info on the bike.. and spending most of today reccieing an amazing route around scotland for my...
  5. Uhh. Ready for an Argument.

    Something I missed out from my Trip report. My nice shiney bike came with a small hole in the exhaust. Just above the joint from the lower unit to the silencer. I only noticed it because when it was cold the olther morning the plume of smoke you get, came out from it. So Given it would be an...
  6. DRZ-SM to DRZ-S conversion

    Other Bikes
    More for curiosity than anything else as I'm skint at the mo' but does anyone have any idea what would be involved in converting a SuperMoto Suzuki DRZ into a dirtworthy DRZ? There seem to be a lot of the former for sale just now. Just by looking at pictures on Bike Trader I can see that the...
  7. Mmmm thought so

    Obviously far too political a subject ------Your loss though :(
  8. Definitely some interest in the new Transalp

    Just noticed the 'views' numbers for the 2 threads. Thread 'Transalp 750' = 1,763 Thread 'New Transalp' = 5,416. cheers Rob :sign2::newb: :newb: :wav: :wav: :wav: :wav: :newb: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :confused5: :confused5: :confused5: :sign2: :salute: :hal :wink: :ky: :occasion9...
  9. Jaw dropping

    The new ‘Alp looks OK to me and I’m not sure what was expected any way. When the 650 replaced the 600 it was hardly jaw-dropping stuff. The 650 got a few improvements & refinements but in some areas it went backwards, the 600 was hardly a pretty bike and the 650 failed to improve on looks alone...
  10. Graves At/ta Bars And More

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Most people saw my new bars at the national,well constructed,strong(tested twice on tarmac and rock) I highly recommend them as a worthy alternative to TT and most others. website not in english yet but email the owners wife who speaks good you order...
  11. The 2007 National Meet Awards

    Past National Meets
    Just a quick run through in reverse order for those that missed the awards ceremony itself. 2007 XRV Pool Champion went to MidlifeCrisis for a staggering 8 ball clearance from break. 2007's Most Controversial Post(s) Cup went to Shep for his conspiracy theories and politico-financial verbal...
  12. Brighton to Capetown in aid of Riders for Health

    Past Charity Events
    Hi all, as many of you already know from my recently added forum signature, edteamslr and I are riding our ATs from Brighton to Capetown down the west of Africa, setting off next month and planning to arrive in Capetown by March '08. We're raising funds for Riders for Health, a charity which...
  13. Good ol' Chad!!

    Starts like this....... "Hey Chad, you happy to make a couple of coffees?";) Yeah, no worries - says Chad:rolleyes: Myself and Goth arrive - Ahhhhhhhhm, while we're here.....:cool: Chad answered a few questions about Goths new Vara - while ever so delicately stroking the raised...
  14. TransAlp - Takes You Anywhere....... decals

    As requested - these are in the post on their way to DaveS as we speak...... Now being an @ rider I managed to resist being stereotypical and adding 'Almost' after the tag line on these decals - after I remembered that MudWiz :notworthy: could embarrass me on any terrain in any...
  15. C+S Rdo4 Vs Rdo7a

    Africa Twin
    Hi folk's, Can anyone tell me if the chain and sprocketts (DID X ring) for the Rdo4 will fit the Rdo7a?? Have recently had my chain come off at HIGH SPEED on a motorway!!!:pale::pale: yes THERE IS A GOD :notworthy: had to go without bike for 2 weeks while waiting for a...
  16. Mr Nice Guy

    :notworthy: DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE !:cool: :cool: :cool: :notworthy: :notworthy: i had my first ride out in the rain on the road pilots:cool: and ive got to say they rock .. i cant remember the last time a bike felt that good in the wet:D thanks for the heads up mate. chad
  17. Raffle for the Charity Action Aid

    As some members already know I will be embarking on a 3 month trip on my Varadero around Europe on 3rd July raising money for the Charity Action Aid. To help raise more funds for this worthy charity, I will be holding a raffle on 30th June. Tickets are priced at £1.00 each. Anyone wishing to...
  18. XRV Forum Decals - NOW IN THE SHOP!!!

    We have finally managed to get some quality decals manufactured and they are now for sale online in the forum shop HERE :thumb: :thumb: :wav: I know it took ages to get them, but I organised them in my spare time and have paid for them upfront, so until you lot start buying them, I am out...
  19. Split posts from Bobonelegs and Jabba's conversation

    Re: For sale again xl1000v varadero John, are your back problems caused by your false limb ? just curious hope you don't mind me asking. cheers, Bob.
  20. Cleanin time

    Yep tomorrows the day the inch thick covering of dead bugs and small mammals needs wipeing away on the vara first time I will have cleaned any bike in over 12 months.:notworthy: The xrv will rust in jealousy:D