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  1. Anyone from Glasgow

    Hi any of our Scottish brethren near Glasgow fancy going to view a bike for me. Seen a tidy looking XT600 and wouldnt go that far to view a bike, but thought this could be worth a punt to do it another way. Please pm me
  2. BBC Fined.

    Chatter I shall try not to swear but dont they rip us off enough as it is? I mean the only reason we pay a TV licence is for the BBC This line really got to me Horrible horrible people. The fine should come out...
  3. I want to start Green Laneing!

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Help, i want to start green laneing but dont have a clue where to start. If there is anyone in the gloucester area who wouldnt mind taking a newbie out with them (and babysitting him) please drop me line.:thumbright:
  4. Help!!

    Evening chaps,a plea from a new member!! my Xr650R has destroyed itself:thumbup: after making a noise much like someone hitting an anvil with a serving spoon i stripped it down tonight, only to find that the gudgeon pin has sheared itself in half, and taken the small end with it!! bottom end is...
  5. Givi Touring Screen

    am a newbie to this site and a big hi to all,just got my first 2002 TA and is a joy to ride but wouldnt mind getting a givi touring screen after reading reviews about them,any one know where i can order one , thanks donald
  6. My day trip around east anglia

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well more of an afternoon trip, once i'd got my self kitted up after a late breakfast. Was gonna do some diy, but thought sod that i'll go out on the bike instead -- 175 miles later - frozen to the bone, but had a real nice ride. Some piccies: First stop was at Parham airfield / museum -...
  7. Mortgage help?

    Anyone ever been removed from a mortgage the bank is saying the income into the property is not enough for me to be removed its a joint mortgage. Parents took it out while I lived at home after a nasty accident and I ended up on it because I was a tenant. Anything anyone can add may help...
  8. Goliath went to sleep - now the giant is re-awakining (soon!)

    Africa Twin
    Had a problem last thursday - after filling with petrol, the bike wouldnt start - no idiot lights at all - all fuses checked and ok and full power from battery - 1st suspect was ignition switch or wiring. Heres what i found on one of the connector blocks that goes to the ignition loom after...
  9. Pork Crackling

    Mr M has been very considerate tonight. He put a huge joint of pork in the oven at 6pm and prepared the crackling just right. Unfortunately there is a missing person in west wales and it is his turn to go search with mountain rescue so me....................... I am left with loads of...
  10. raising money for this site.

    If Dave adds a pay per click advert for ebay on the site. Then if everyone uses the advert to get into ebay, everytime anyone buys something, a small sum of money goes to the site. I have used this before. I use ebay a lot and wouldnt bother me to come to XRV to click on ad before going in to...
  11. Christmas

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I cant remember - was there something organised for Christmas last year? Any mileage in organising a Christmas bash - somewhere central to the country to be fair to everyone - dinner, anecdotes, and a band.... maybe unveil the National Meet DVD and people could pick up their orders .... maybe...
  12. is it definately fuel pump?

    Africa Twin
    Like the recently posted problem posed by "Gaz", my AT also packed up the other day after 40 miles on the motorway.Also, like it had run out of petrol. I knew the pump was its achilles heel so checked that first, still pumping. still wouldnt start. when RAC man arrived,still wouldnt start. When...
  13. End of the road for the Transalp?

    When you count your pennies to buy a new bike, wouldnt you rather have a Kawa Versys than a TA? It isnt pretty but it's cheaper, with ABS, more power, better mpg etc etc. And what does Mabel mean in her signature - saying that you dont know how many people you affect till you're dead? I...
  14. Halfrauds - good for something ?

    Mechanical Advice
    My @ indicators were playing up - noticed this last year before pulling it to bits. Upon further investigation, the connection wires are all ok - took the indicator relay off and pulled it to bits to see what was going on - rusty as a very rusty thing inside - hence they wouldnt flash - just...
  15. Speedo drive

    Mechanical Advice
    The worm drive in the speedo gearbox had dropped down about 1mm over the years and as a result the gear teeth wouldnt mech. Result: broken plastic teeth on the drive gear,(sticky cable didnt help). New plastic drive gear didnt cure it and it was obvious the worm drive needed to be raised in the...
  16. big thanx

    Dominator / FMX
    thanks to all you guys for the valuable info you all provided i wouldnt have got me bike sorted if i didnt have that info so a big thanx guys :) cheers rik
  17. Snatching !!

    Dominator / FMX
    Oh dear...I hope my dommie isn't dying ! On my journey in this morning she started snatching real bad.:( Pulling away it's as if the chain is either getting caught up and then slipping/snatching, I actually thought at first it had broken....I can hear it 'snatching' (that's about the best...
  18. HISS - The thing is.......

    Right - Long post warning. Crashed bike in spain last summer - 01Transalp 650. Survived (just) and rebuilt remains to use for work commute and messing around. No fairing, no dash left but it looks cool and runs fine. Problem is, one of the keys doesn't work anymore. The other one is fine, but...
  19. You wouldnt catch me ....

    ... at 6.30 in the morning, standing over my wifes upside down bicycle, trying to remove the back wheel to mend a puncture, spending 10 minutes tightening the nut instead of loosening it .... oh nor sireee sir, not me .... that would just be plain stupid :scratch: :oops: :withstupid:

    This is a plea to EVERYONE reading this site - whether youre a member or not. Yes Guest - thats YOU :happy7: We need you to email us your weird and wonderful locations anywhere in England Ireland Scotland or Wales that you know about. Theese places must NOT be particularly well known such...