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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi All, Just happen to have my exhaust off over the week end and just about got a hernia lifting it. Holy Cow 27 lbs??? I love that it's quiet, but wow. So, any one running this GPR? Honda Africa Twin 750 90 02 GPR Exhaust Systems Furore Black Slipon Muffler | eBay The ad says it's only 2.4...
  2. Transalp
    This 1999 Honda Transalp has had a total Refurb by TAReburb WOW and passed MOT first time NO advissories
  3. Africa Twin
    Fitted 2 of those in my car and wow what a differents! Can I fit those bulbs in my AT ?(RD07A) Best Regards Kasper Winding
  4. Everything Orange - KTM
    H i I just purchased a lightly used 2003 KTM EXC I don't know if the R designation was put on these bikes but on the clutch cover it says KTM racing. It came with a Rekluse clutch (not installed) but complete and correct for this bike. I had one of these on my last MX bike a Honda 450. BTW I...
  5. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Found this quite by accident, not the first time it's been on Ebay and not sure of this really is genuine, but WOW looks amazing ! :thumb: HONDA DOMINATOR NX 650 MARATHON - CAMEL TROPHY | eBay
  6. Africa Twin
    Just got my seat back from Tony and wow, i love it! He raised it by 2" and made it a bit wider and softer...all for £85 quid :)
  7. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well what a brilliant day out but it did start foggy but as soon as it cleared wow what a day. First time I have met Mikethebike I would have liked to get a pic when he fell over but he got it upright to quick, amazing how a small rut can stop you :) Anyway we met up at Devils bridge for a brew...
  8. Chatter
    Hi all, well I'm looking to downsize the Twin (see Tatty up for grabs in the for sale section) I'm not wanting to change again (no really I'm not) so this next bike needs to last me, but which one? I'm after a simple robust 600- 650 single that can do a good few miles with decent economy and...
  9. Chatter
    I had a spare few minuets and googled Alan Vendy to find out more about the guy and his accomplishments , well his son Scot can bloody sing , I mean big time. Google Scot Vendy and see and hear for yourself , his dad must of been well proud of him. [url=]Someone Like You...
  10. Product Reviews
    Mrs just bought me a new whizzbang Samsung laptop for Christmas. Wow! Windows 8, lightning fast, miles and miles better than my old Vista Dell Awkward. Now, if only I could find where to put the paraffin in, I'll be cooking with gas (??) Jock :clown:
  11. Chatter
    Wow ! This morning, there I was, at home in Floriana, 'enthroned,' hearing something coming ... hearing that evocative, it must be, distinctive sound of a Merlin engine passing, growling, echoing off...
  12. Varadero
    Just got rid of the DEATHwings and plumped for a set of Anakee 2's. Wow what a difference! Got a full tank of gas and hit the first round about. The combination of a full tank and new boots sent me over so fast I could barely recover. And I was being careful!! Schoolboy error! Mind you, it's not...
  13. Africa Twin
    Hi all, just a quick note to say that I fitted a K&N air filter on the bike the other day and was amazed at the noticeable difference across the whole rev range! I ended up going from bristol to abergavenny oasis cafe as I was having so much fun!!! I thought I may need to do some jetting but it...
  14. Chatter
    Got home today and have a letter from the AA (Breakdown) telling me policy up for renewal soon, but as i'm a long standing customer (24 years) they would like to make me a gold card customer, wow. Now my payments are by DD and i have roadside assistance, Relay and Home start. The home start i...
  15. Varadero
    Just completed a full service including new spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, oil and general regreasing of various bits and wow the old girl is back :cheers: Starts on the button. Now need to get out for a spin. Broke my ankle earlier in the year so been bidding my time until healed...
  16. Other Bikes
    Wow! I would be lonley at the anual Swedish XRT meeting if I had one of these. But I think I like it!
  17. Tools
    I have Davida gauges, so won't be buying this, but wow! this makes it verrrrry easy. Harmonizer Vacuum Multi-Tool -- It ain't your Daddy's Twinmax - ADVrider
  18. Africa Twin
    Hi there Boy's n Girls, I have just fitted a Pro Enduro to the @ that I bought off Thunder, serviced the choke cables, balanced the carbs and wow what a difference its made, the bike now feels as if it can breathe and just wants to stretch its legs. I got the...
1-18 of 42 Results