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  1. speedo conversion for wp48

    Africa Twin
    Hi! So, I've made the wp48 conversion with the single 320mm disc brake, the brembo calipers and the excel rim. The whole front end from a 450 sxf ktm. Now I've got a problem that I didn´t think of: I've got an analog odomoter and a digital pick up (magnetic) wheel and spindle. There's no space...
  2. WP 48 conversion issues so far

    Africa Twin
    So, I might as well start with a brief description of whats going on with my RD07: Decided to upgrade the front forks for a WP48mm. It's an easy swap if you buy the whole front end set like I did. I got the brake pump + braided cable + caliper + forks (with braces) + wheel from a 2003 KTM 450...
  3. Help with AT WP4860 USD Conversion !

    Africa Twin
    Hello dears, I an Africa Twin and I decided to go for a WP48 USD conversion. Unfortunately the ones I got are slightly different. The one with designation "WP 4860 MXMA 1418X728", I guess came from a KTM 640 LC4 adv with 275mm wheel travel And the second one with specification "WP4860MXMA...
  4. Retain orjinal calipers and wheel for WP conversion‏

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, am a member of your site for a long time. I have a lot sharing from your benefits . First of all I would like to thank you . Africa twin front suspension to the transformation of the user who have that dream. I will have a few questions. I have my KTM 950 WP48 suspension. Due...
  5. AT conversion to WP43 forks

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, My `97 ATs front fork tubes are damaged so I have to change them. While reading different topics on this forum, I started thinking if I have to change them anyways, why not go with rebuilding to KTM forks. I know I have to change the stem, get a new speedo and, of course the full front...