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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi all, after about 2 hours in the garage fighting with it I still cant get the engine out of the frame. Has anyone got any tips/ photos or video of engine removal,surly it can't be so hard? And if i'm having this much trouble getting it out how do I get it back in????? thanks
  2. XL
    Hi, I am new to his forum and this xl600lm is my first Honda for a while, I am trying to find out wtf bodywork is fitted to this bike I just bought. Its had new paint but I cannot find any details about this headlight/fairing unit. Hope someone can throw some light on this bike, regards,,
  3. Insurance
    So, my insurance is up for renewal in February and Hasting's have written to me to tell me they will no longer insure me. I just called them and was explained the underwriter, Advantage, is no longer insuring bikes for commuting in London. Seriously WTF! I have been with these guys for two...
  4. Chatter
    Please tell me nobody has one of these... imitation mud!!! OUUUUUU.....sometimes i could just fecking .... not be pleasant! Barbour MacGrain Jacket Steve McQueen RRP £499.95 Bike Jacket Shooting Hunting | eBay
  5. Chatter
    From BBC News - Prince Harry at Camp Bastion during Taliban attack Nato told Reuters news agency that the prince "was never in any danger" So WTF is he doing out there? .
  6. Africa Twin
    It apears ive got a genuine Honda DID chain on the old bird , think its a DID 525 xv8 chain , im after a split link does anyone know were i can get one , the main stealers sorry dealers ;)want just over a tenner WTF ...
  7. Chatter
    BBC - Newsbeat - Person arrested over 'cement in buttocks' injection :confused:
  8. Chatter
    On watching the BBC news at 1 earlier I noticed that the outdoor tree at Downing Street has fake snow on it whilst there is clearly real stuff on the ground!! Would it be beyond the imagination of some to put the real stuff on the tree and save the tax payer money? And they run the country.....
  9. Chatter
    Coming to work this morning I’m going down one of the hills and at the junction mid way on the right there’s a 4x4 waiting he has a full view of the road and you would of thought could see a big off road bike with a 80W headlight and large rider with hi-viz on. Yet as I get to the junction he...
  10. Chatter
    on my way home from work on friday, a car pulled out of a side road from behind a lorry on the opposite side of the road, it was hit him or hit the brakes so i did (the brakes that is!) well like the title reads the bike went over and we both slid down the road loud grinding noises from bike...
  11. Chatter
  12. WTF

    was looking around jap yahoo and found thise beauty .
  13. Chatter
    Not the most reliable and impartial source I know, but still: Has anyone heard about this - is this for real? Isn't 'democracy' grand :rolleyes: Looking on the bright side I suppose at least we'll all be...
  14. Chatter
    OK what did Reeve say...? What I miss? Someone tell me :rolleyes:
  15. Chatter I cant believe any one would want this... :confused5::confused5::confused5::confused5:
  16. Chatter
    in the latest copy of T+MX on p8 is an advert for 2008KTM "powerwear" one of the items is a toaster!HAHAHAHA!!!!
  17. Africa Twin
    OK, the bike's been off the road for six weeks now, and I'm getting nowhere. The bike shop have had the carbs apart, rebuilt them, and tried to get it running nicely. The bikes runs, but super rich. They tell me that the carbs are worn out, and just about every part needs replacing. They're not...
1-17 of 17 Results