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  1. Oops

    Africa Twin
    Oops, So after taking a couple of bits to the powder coater he tells me he's going to be away working for 5 weeks, out come the spanners and look what happened to my bike! I have to say I was pretty chuffed no seized or rounded bolts and the shock linkages nice and greased. I'm going to...
  2. Wy doesn't this choke cable look like the original

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi there. I needed a new choke cable for my Dommie which is a 96 model on a 97 plate, therefore an RD08. When the cable arrived the end fitting looked different and simply did not fit in the carb end. The carb has a black plastic insert and retaining clip, as you can see the taper on the new...
  3. My XR400 Thread

    Hi all Thought I'd document how my XR is coming along. I'll add bits as and when I get round to doing stuff. Just for your amusement though, here is the bike as I bought it home a week ago
  4. The B-17F-85-BO with serial # 42-30066 Nicknamed “Mugwump”

    This has nothing to do with motorcycles at all. However I hope that this "short" story will interest some of You guys. I happened to stumble upon a website dedicated to Forced Landings in Sweden during the war years. I’d just had to find if there were any within the vicinity of my home, and...
  5. White AT - near Carmarthen

    Who were you? A mainly white AT on the A484 Carmarthen to Aberystwyth road - passing my house on Friday?
  6. South-Mid Wales (roads), Sunday 16 June

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I'll be going for a ride on Sunday 16th - weather permitting! - so if anyone wants to meet up, let me know. Route flexible but may take in Brecon, Llandrindod Wells, Newtown or Aberystwyth. Please note that this is Father's Day, so don't go AWOL and get yourself into trouble, you hear? (I'll be...
  7. Mid Wales Optimist

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Took the Vara out to Wales today and popped nearly 250 miles on the mileometer somehow :) Good to get off the farm at last.... I dropped some stuff of with a guy near Aberystwyth and then went off down to Tregaron before doing the Abergwesyn mountain road. Gorgeous up there!! Those of you who...
  8. WALES - You've gotta love it !

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As my Riding Buddy PhilW was otherwise engaged (Story to follow shortly, i'm sure) and Yesterday the Weather was finally Spring like, i decided to head up to Snowdonia, as it had been a while. I'll list the Route i took, so if you are fortunate enough to find yourselves over this way, you could...
  9. Big Bike Big Trail Rideout Sat 30th March

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Weather Permitting, this will be a cracker. 9.30am meet just outside of Llandovery for Breakfast, then: Roman Road Trail nr Myddfai Tarmac around scenic Llynne Brianne Strata Florida Trail Devils Bridge Nant y Moch Nant Yr Arian Trail Aberystwyth Mountain Road Piano Keys Trail Rhayader A big day...
  10. North West Posse ride down to The Welsh Invasion

    Welsh Invasion
    At John's request this is the thread for the NW Posse's ride down to welsh invasion. Usual format, meet in one of the cafes (my preference is Costa rather than McD's) at Lymm truck stop services on the M6/M56 junction at about 10.00am for a 10.30 departure. The route will then either be via...
  11. Scrubbing in My New Tyre

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Bought and fitted a Maxxis 6006 to my Ten' on Friday. So to give it a good Workout on Saturday PhilW, Xr mad (Fred), and Meself headed into Mid-Wales to do some of our Favourite Tarmac and Trails. a 9.30am meet at Builth Wells had me aiready soaked again with a Drowned Sat-Nav :mad: as i headed...
  12. Just The Two of Us

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Due to the lack of interest, only Tendays arrived at the Meet-point to Start the ride, probably just as well tbh as the Weather was once again SHOCKING :D, Anyhoo, i was running a little late, as twice i had to stop on the way to Rhayader due to not being able to see through the Heavy Rain :mad...
  13. Rhayader to Devils Bridge

    Many of you will have ridden the Mountain Road out of Rhayader across the top, then down to Cwmystwyth. I was trundling over today and noticed some major works being carried out on the other side of the valley as you come off the top moorland and as you start to drop down to towards the little...
  14. Lake Vyrnwy to Bala

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Me and a mate (i know you thought I hadn't got any) headed into Wales for a jaunt seeing as how the weather was stunning. We first made for Lake Vyrnwy onto Lake Bala via the back roads befor carrying on to Llangollen and home a cracking day, I know its a lengthy video (again ) but these roads...
  15. Lyndon (Pyndon) Posket at W Yorks TRF

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Continuing our series of presentation evenings, West Yorkshire TRF has been lucky enough to secure the services of Lyndon (Pyndon) Poskitt for an entertaining evening with the overland explorer extraordinaire. Lyndon Poskitt aka Pyndon is often referred to as a jack of all trades when it comes...
  16. A Day Out in North Wales

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just another day out in the country for Stubbsie & BIGW42, as we rode out into the Snowdonia National Park for a days riding taking photo's & to suss out a "wild bivvy" site for a forthcoming night out under the stars in the wild. We headed out towards Conwy & followed the Afon Conwy, passing...
  17. Paul - S ride out

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Thanks to all who joined me on this one and braved the weather Not long after we set off for fuel the heavens opened but it was not safe to stop so we pressed on to the garage and got suited up after fueling up for the day After a short ride we got to our first pass from Trawsfynnyd over to...
  18. National Meet 2011 - Paul-S inland sightseeing rideout

    Past National Meets
    Hi Peeps I have put together a route of single tracks and some quicker roads for the Saturday. This will not be an offroad ride but there are roads that have some gravel and the odd bit of grass in the middle. I specced this out using a Ford Galaxy so can be doable on anything with any tyres...
  19. Pembrokeshire

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well I was going to the Welsh Bat Conference in Carmarthen at the weekend so it made sense to stay over for some fun in Pembrokeshire. I left work shortly after 6 on Friday and travelled along some fantastic roads from Mold, through Ruthin and across to Bala. Then on down to Dolgellau, across...
  20. North Wales Trails 23rd or 24th July

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Have a day spare (not sure which yet, need to confirm...apparently Im expected at my nephews birthday party and not sure which day it is yet), anyone interested a day blasting through the North Wales trails, either 23rd or 24th August. Thinking Llangollen to Betwy-s-coed. Been months since I...