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  1. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Good quality £15 posted or collected from South Wales
  2. Transalp
    I thought when i bought this it had been repainted at some point. But now after taking it apart theres no signs of other colours anywhere not even under the tank. What do you think?
  3. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Not much of a TR but I was in Dubrovnik for a week at a mate's wedding. Hired a scooter for a day for a quick recce and a KLE500 for 2 days 2-up. This a Piaggio X7 250cc. It was quicker than I expected and OK for overtaking trucks on the coast road. I rode it down to Cavtat, had a look at the...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    How about this then? My old Honda C90 was sorned in 2006 and put away. It's been started once since then so my son could play in the garden on it but apart from that it's laid unloved. Well we dug it out the shed and put some in some fresh fuel and drained the carb and low and behold despite...
  5. Africa Twin
    Here are some of the modification I have done to my Africa Twin to set it up for touring here in Asia. Some good ideas, or maybe I have way too much time on my hands ???? ....:rofl The bike itself, a year 2000 AT with about 96,000 kilometers on it. Replaced all the turn signal lights...
  6. News
    The details are now live on the adventure website (with a really annoying grumble and hiss background noise). None of the info is easily cut and pastable here and there has been no press announcement. They are only sending the details to their dealer network for now. But you can get quite a bit...
  7. XL
    Hi all. As it so happens, I might be able to get my hands on an 1985 XL600LM I would like your advice on what to look for when viewing the bike. Any special oddities with the XR600LM? Gearbox problems, cylinder head? The XL600LM were never sold here in Sweden, so there are not many to...
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, For sale is my projector. It is just like brand new for the lamp has only been used for 15h only. Strengths: Native Resolution: WXGA 1280x720 pixels Contrast ratio: 10000:1 Zoom: x 1.35 Noise Level: 23 dB Connectors: 1 BNC, 1 HDMI (with HDCP), 1 RCA, 1 S-Video, YUV 1 DLP HD3...
  9. Ride Reports and Pictures
    More to follow Vader teaching Jamie to drive More to follow
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    There were quite a few of them bridging the stream. The looked like traps of some sort but seemed to lack any mechanism and all were empty. So what are they
  11. Transalp
    my newest: 2004 Transalp 650 Edi Orioli Desert Replica by Boano Racing Hi, Collected it in Cuneo, Italy and got it home to Norway on has even a higher saddle heigth (94 cm's) than my AT's . Had a oil change by Boano on Thursday and I got a very friendly welcome and a...
  12. BMW
    Just filled the GSA and without even trying to top it off I got over £40 in the tank :eek: This was 34.94 litres and I know I could have got a bit more in if I had tried. Question is I thought the tank was 33 litres and it's clearly not. Anyone any idea how big it is and how many miles, if...
  13. Transalp
    As the title ............. Does anyone know if there are high quality pictures available for download / wallpaper etc of the XL700 (Dark Blue if possible) ? Like this one from the KTM official website for my last bike .................... I can't find anything on the official Mr Honda...
  14. Transalp
    Anyone know what the bar size is, I'm after buying a GPS mount for it and want to make sure I buy the right size. would have looked myself but stuck at work and the bikes at home. Regards.
  15. Africa Twin
    For example: BOLT, FLANGE, 6X70 (NSHF) Some thing to do with stress?
  16. XR
    Morning, Just wondering if there's anybody out there that has replaced the main crank bearings for a normal, off the shelf sized replacement using some kind of sleeve to reduce the O.D. or, found the standard bearing from an aftermarket supplier? I'm being quoted over £100 for the pair from...
1-16 of 24 Results