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  1. Bodgers Corner
    Hi all, Well after showing my DIY roadbook on the forum a couple of months ago I have decided to detail how I done it for less that £10. Firstly you need to purchase the aluminium box from Maplin, part number XB56 Chassis AC64 @£2.89 each. When you order this you need the knobs, also from...
  2. Transalp
    Hey All Am looking to get back into riding after a 20 year hiatus and have a chance at a 1990 Transalp XL600V with 24K miles for the asking price of $3300. Intend to use the bike to re-learn my riding skills and then possibly move up to a BMW 800GS. As this is a 18year old bike, is there...
  3. Transalp
    Hi all My name's Sid and i've just joined the site after buying a new '07 TA. I have been here before when i owned a 1999 600 which i foolishly sold a few years ago and have missed ever since. I've owned loads of different bikes in the 20 years i've been riding , my first being a Yam RD250...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hello guys.. When I bought my @, the dashborad looked like this.. I have to say that when I saw a friend's @, I got a bit disapointed because the original one is quite poor when compared to this. So, my friend want's a thing of these.. I have contacted some factorys who work with...
  5. Africa Twin
    Just found this on As this keeps coming up maybe this could be made a sticky? I can't vouch for its accuracy or completeness, but it should be a good guide for the majority of colour codes Code No. Description A-03 Silver (Labels) A-07 Specified...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    What do you think of this: The all new Buell XB12X more info here:
1-6 of 6 Results