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  1. Varadero
    Hi lads, has anyone tried these fuel pumps on ebay? Whats the verdict? worth a try? thanks in advance:o:thumb:
  2. Varadero
    Hello friends , im having this confusion regarding the last manufactured varadero. was it in 2011 or 2013 ? i thought 2011 was the end of the varadero but i found reviews for 2013 as well all the web sites selling parts got 2011 as the last model any clue ? with links to read :) Thanks
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    As a sufferer of num-bum ,does anyone have a comfort seat suitable for my 2012 XL1000 Thanks
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    Just bought a 2012 XL1000VA and I need a taller touring screen. I do like the look of the MRA X-CREEN TOURING - have these just came out ? anyone got any comments on them or recommendations welcomed
  5. Varadero
    Anyone else have surging / misfiring issues with a cabr model xl1000v ? The bike surges and almost feels like misring around the 3000 rpm area. I have fitted new plugs , air filter and fuel pump and also balanced the carbs but the problem persists. Is this a mixture problem ? As it seems like a...
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a rear hugger for an xl1000v they'd part with? Preferably black. Cheers Garry Sent from my SM-T310 using Tapatalk
  7. Varadero
    Used to have a 1999 reg XL1000v a few years ago, and don't remember the seat being anywhere near as uncomfortable as it is on my XL1000va-5. I went out the other day and did about 70 miles or so, and found it really hard going on the nether regions. Anyone got any tips on how to reduce the aches...
  8. Varadero
    Christmas is close, so too is the snow! Just spotted these on Ebay! HONDA XL1000V VARADERO XL 1000 V 07 GIVI TN454 ENGINE CRASH STUNT BARS eBay item number: 271344501740 Nice stocking filler for some one!! HoHoHo.....
  9. Varadero
    Does anyone have a PDF of a service manual for a 2008 XL1000V?
  10. Varadero
    I will be test riding a 2008 XL1000V tomorrow. Any advice?
  11. Varadero
    Wondering if anyone knows of cheap monoshock Desperately needing one cheers in advance:thumbup
  12. Varadero
    Just removed the wheel bearings so I can take them with me tomorrow to the local bearing place and get replacements. If anyone is interested this is what it says on each bearing Sprocket Carrier bearing HR 6305 DU Wheel/Sprocket side 6204 DU Wheel/Disc side 6304
  13. Varadero
    I lowered the suspension 1.25" on my 2008 xL1000v varadero and now the side stand holds the bike almost vertical. Have heard the sport bike side stand has worked, but can find no details as to which one. Has anyone out there had any experience with this? Or should i just find a welder and...
  14. Varadero
    Bykebitz have a set of shopsoiled Givi engine protector bars for a 03-05 Vara. Might be of interest to someone?
  15. Varadero
    Just spotted on e-bay: Item no:130807566539 Honda XL1000V Varadero WP Suspension Rear Shock Absorber | eBay Won't fit mine
  16. Varadero
    My old XL1000V2 used to backfire on the overrun a lot so I took the exhaust system off and replaced all the gaskets, etc. including the infamous seal on the downpipe. This cured the backfire on overrun but I can still get the occasional pop if I blip the throttle. Any ideas what it might be?
  17. Varadero
    I've an XL1000V2 that's coming up to 29K miles. Is there a problem with the fuel pump on carb models and, if there is, when does it usually fail?
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    over the lunch break.... 2001 HONDA XL1000V VARADERO NEW MOT GREAT CONDITION JUST SERVICED | eBay
  19. eBay - Varadero
    On for £30 with free postage Honda Varadero Xl1000V3 | eBay
1-20 of 25 Results