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  1. For Sale: XL125 / 185S 1982 Parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a collection of spares for both XL 125 and 185S models from around 1982 accumulated by may Father over the last 10 years that I feel deserve a better home than the corner of the garage Parts include: 185 Drum Forks 125 Disc Forks Front and rear wheels with Drum Brake Front Wheel with...
  2. Honda XL125 (1978) How much is it worth

    What's it worth?
    Hi, do any of you guys have any idea what a 1978 Orange tank black side panels Honda XL125 is worth at all please. She has seen a lot of better days, bit scruffy and in need of quite a few parts inc wiring harness and silencer. Got a dink in the tank too. Got a list of about 30 bits to find...
  3. Wanted: Pete wanting to see what bits are out there for a 1977 Honda XL125

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, just about to buy an old 1978 XL125K2, with the orange tank and black side panels, that's looking tired and neglected. She is in need of some TLC and some parts. My list consists of about 30 parts from memory, I know that's almost the full bike. Looking to find out if anyone has the main...
  4. Pete

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Thanks for letting me join the forum. I have been biking since I was 4 got my first road bike at 17. At the moment I have a deauville but first bike was a 1977 Honda XL125 with the orange tank. Sold in error, woman involved. Have chance to buy another one to renovte but it needs quite a few...
  5. will not start

    Hello,my neighbour has a XL125 varadero think it is 2004/05 when you go to start the bike there is just a single click it does not repeat just one click coming from around the fuse box area, he bump starts the bike and it runs fine,he also says that sometimes it does start,he has ordered a new...
  6. Honda XL125 points conversion to later CDI?

    Honda XL125 points conversion to later CDI? I notice that the engine cover is different and of course the head. Can the magneto/cover and flywheel be made to fit ? Swap heads and thats about it. Anyone done this?
  7. Wanted: NX650 / Transalp 600 front master cylinder

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a decent condition front master cylinder from either an NX650 Dominator (1998 - 1996) or a Transalp 600 (94-96). Or possibly an XL125 Varadero (03-04). It's actually to fit to a Moto Guzzi V50, and I need an 11mm bore...... Any offers?
  8. XL125 spark advancer puzzle

    Recently rebuilt a 1980 CT125, had high rev misfire, ( similar to "4 stroking") appeared to be due to cam shaft journal wear "bouncing" the points so had bearings made and fitted, still had a misfire which stopped when the advancer was locked, Someone previously had welded the original advancer...
  9. Baby Vara rear shock weeping

    It appears that the XL125 suffers with the same issues as the XL1000 with fading, then weeping, rear shocks! :( My nephew has a 125 and he contacted me earlier today regarding what sounds like a shock with knackered seals to me, some oil about and ropey handling were the symptoms. He is a...
  10. XL125 Rebore

    Hi, just having my 1980 CT125 rebored, (same as XL125), I can't find the recommended piston to cylinder clearance in my (Australian) manual. Can anyone please tell me the required clearance measurement.
  11. xl 125 dakar front brake locks up

    My mate has an xl125 and his front brake locks up after hes been using it for about 10miles. He has to crack the bolt on the caliper unit to release the pressure ( after the oil expands through rubbing the disc..? ) otherwise it stops the bike dead eventually. I need advice on where to look...
  12. XL 125 R

    Hi, I have just bought an XL125. I have been told it is a 1984 model and possibly a R model (square headlight). Unfortunately it came with no documents as it was used as a field bike. It does however have a vin plate and the same number on the headstock so its looking promising. It is very ratty...
  13. XL125 1976 Wiring

    Hi there, i've recently started the restoration of a 1976 Honda XL125, and the engine is missing the points and the points plate and housing etc, as these parts were taken by the previous owner to use in another engine. I'm wondering what the best way of making an electrical system would be...
  14. HONDA VARADERO 125 Wiring Diagram

    First of all hi to every one! Newbie here! will try not to mess up too much.....! Does anybody have a wiring diagram for an 2002 125 Vara? I have followed a link on here but its dead, (unsuprisingly as it was from 2012!) Honda Motorcycles - Honda XL125 Varadero XL 125 V Wiring Diagram.pdf -...
  15. 1985 XL125RF not starting

    Hi All I have recently jumped into Honda XL125 ownership, buying a non working bike and doing my best with some mechanical knowledge to fix it up but could do with some help! The bike is in fairy good nick, bought through a friend of a friend so I know some history. It has recently been re...
  16. Wanted: Honda XL125 Varadero

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hey I have just passed my CBT and now looking for my first bike. Im after a Honda Varadero XL125 Let me know what you have please. Thanks
  17. 79 xl125 ignition bypass?

    Can I bypass the ignition on this xl? I don't have the key for it and I'm eliminating all of the lights and I don't have the speedo cable either so no need for the cash panel. My guess is to hook up the hot (red wire) from the battery and the b/w wire the goes to the CDI. This should make it...
  18. Timing on an XL125K

    Hey guys. I need some advice with setting the timing on my bike. The engine has been stripped down to it's component parts and rebuilt from the ground up. The manual says that to get the timing right, you get the piston to TDC by lining up the mark on the flywheel with the mark on the...
  19. For Sale: A pair of CB125 engines that will fit an old XL

    For Sale / Wanted
    Both engine numbers start CB125SE. Both have good compression. One has damage to the rev counter mounting and the gearbox needs some work (it doesn't shift at all). The other seems in good condition although I haven't had it running. There's no carbs (although I've a bag of bits that...
  20. XL virgin saying hello

    Hey all. This is my new old girl. I'm just learning the ropes here, I don't know much about anything yet! The last bike I had was a TY80 when I was a kid. I believe I have a 1981 XL125 with a 185 engine. I'll know more when I get the log book. I'm a bit unsure about the orange frame... I...