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    Following up on my post, honda xl125rc lacking power. Im wondering if increasing the main jet size would help. The carb has the standard 102 main jet at the moment, but the bike has a micron and a k&n, So my question is, how much bigger do i go !?? Anyone had any experiance doing this,. Thanks Steve
  2. XL
    Hello, does anyone know of any alternative forks that will fit an 1983 XL125rc? There seem to be a fair amount of 33mm forks out there but none are long enough, the X-Spot pit bike are 33m and cheap but very short!!!! What are my options? I have even thought of getting collars made for the...
  3. XL
    just wondered if anyone knew if the swing arms were the same? Also will the front end fit into my xl125rc? Neil
  4. XL
    Hi everyone. I have a 1983 xl125rc and was recently on the ridgeway trail riding, when i managed to find a big hole to throw me off!!! I bent the handlebars, snapped off the indicators, bent the mudguard,blew the fork seals, snapped the throttle cable adjuster and smashed the headlamp glass and...
  5. XL
    Hi everyone, Just thought i'd introduce myself to the forum with a question. I have an 83 xl125rc. I bought it about a week ago and to be honest everyday has bought a new niggle. It is running with a micron pipe and standard air filter. I did change the k and n type filter it was bought with...
  6. XL
    hi i have a 1985 honda xl 125rc had it about 2 years now but it has just started 2 play up . when you have the lights on it will not charge. with lights off hits abouts 13.6 up to 14.3 when rev. when lights on drops to 10.9 then slowly drops more. Anyone know what the problem is and how to fix...
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    As above, does anybody know anywhere that I could pick one up for about £70? Not too bothered about a little surface rust.:thumbup: (To suit 1982)
1-7 of 7 Results