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  1. Where do i find my carburettor part number?

    i have bought a xl185s 1980 but am unsure if it has the correct carb on it, some of the fittings dont match the ones in my book? where do i find the part number or how do i tell if it is the correct one?
  2. XL185s 1980

    Hello all i'm new to the site and basically need some help in trying to locate some clocks for the above bike and some indicators and stems. So if anyone can help please give me a shout .... thanks all.
  3. Honda xl185s 1980

    Hi could someone tell me how many colours Did they do on a 1980 frame my frame is red But unsure and side panels red but look Painted red rear shocks are red and tank red looks Like had a respray so a bit confused I want to Rebuild to factory colours hope someone can Help me thanks
  4. which panels wil fit

    Hi Guyys,,, I have a xl185s.. I need a right hand side panel,,ha sanyone got one, or can tell me what panels will fit it fae the other xl`s,,a think a 125 or 100 will do it but not sure... will the 250s do it...?? anyone got one... needing it bad...cheers.
  5. XL 250S wiring loom

    Hi I have 1979 XL250S. Does anyone know if the XL185S wiring loom is the same as the 250S. ? I'm looking for a complete loom as some numpty has cut most of mine away. I have a Haynes manual but None of my colours match so not much good at the moment. Any help wopuld be apprieciated. Thanks
  6. Xl185s fork stantions

    Don't fancy stripping the forks so does anyone know the stantion length for my '79 XL185? Mine are pitted so would like to replace them but wondered if any other Honda ones will be a straight swap, or if anyone can say what other forks can be a straight swap? Cheers
  7. New to the board

    Just joined and currently have 2 XL's, a 1978 XL125K2 and a 1979 XL185s, the 125 will soon be up for sale, so expect a few questions from me in the next few weeks.
  8. Free XL185S Gaskets

    Would the person who PM'd me about these gaskets please get in contact again as I have lost/mislaid your email address.