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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has a speedo for an XL250S? Also any of the following would be a bonus!! Exhaust - headers & silencer Rear light
  2. XL
    does anyone know if a 83 xl250r cylinder and piston off a md03e engine will fit my 78 xl250s and could i use the 78 head on it
  3. XL
    Updated with resolution - XL250s indicator / turn signals staying on and not flashing Hi. So the first problem has cropped up with the "new" XL. The indicators come on but do not flash so I suspect the flasher relay. Can anyone point me to the location of the relay please so I can do some...
  4. XL
    Searching for new downpipes for my 79 XL250S and so far found one supplier David silver, are there any other makers of exhausts for these? or what have other people done when they rust through? Thanks for any help.
  5. XL
    Hi all, my XL250S has started blowing the dip filament as soon as it is turned on. The main beam is fine with no issues. When I checked with a multimeter I found the white wire has continuity to earth when the lights are switched on. Has anyone any ideas what might be causing it or what to...
  6. XL
    Hi guys my 1st post hope it is in the right place.I have recently acquired a 1974 xl250 motor sport without a engine.I would like to rebuild it as original but having real trouble sourcing a suitable engine.I know its a longshot but does anyone know of or have one for sale? I do hope someone can...
  7. XL
    Hi Guys I am looking for rear brake cable for honda XL250s 1981 . where i can buy it online. preferably from UK Regards
  8. XL Technical Specs
    Hi fitted New jets in standard Kevin carb think it's running a bit lean could do with some info float height and needle valve clip position thanks
  9. XL
    My 1979 XL250s is causing me a bit of a problem in that its unreliable because I have stripped the carb twice and used a service kit for needle, jets and gaskets,but after setting it up to the book and as best I know how, tick over varies so much and at times makes it difficult to control or...
  10. XL
    Picked up a great project nice and cheap, however cheap also means it needs lots of expensive things, such as an exhaust and a frame (with a logbook) what exhaust options are there for a 250s?, it had a micron on there till the previous owner chopped it off and put it on something else Cheers
  11. XL
    Hi Guys.. i Have a Xl250s im needing a different front end so i can get a better brake an choice of tyres, please correct me if im wrong, im looking for xl125r 250r 500r mtx 125 or a yamaha dt125r front the disc an the 21 inch wheel will be better all round. in the meantime a good 23...
  12. XL
    hi guys am looking fur nice downpipes fur ma 78 250s, or any links to a some..also 23 inch tyre needed, there was some guy on here who found a manufacturer,,i cant remember who it was ,if anyone has any info pleaae mail me,,,cheers
  13. XL
    I was looking at fitting a new tool box to my 79 XL250S but I can't find the mounting points. I always thought they mounted on the underside of the seat with an off set bracket but there are only 2 mounting holes on mine that the seat stay bolts into. I'm pretty sure all the XL S had the...
  14. XL
    for sale xl250s bits side stand x2 cdi battery holder seat strap with sell separate or all together can post at your cost thanx lincs
  15. XL
    hi Guys,, im finding it difficult to get a hold of a 23" front fur ma xl250s... will a domi 21" front wheel fit straight on there. or would i nedd to change the hub. as ones a disc an the other a drum ???
  16. XL
    hi all Honda xl250 s for sale in the sale adds below if anyone interested loads spent on it just needs finishing pic also there gd runner have alook would make a crackin gd bike when dun
  17. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda xl250s w reg gd runner had loads spent on it box of bits with it to finish 95% complete v5 in my name £1000 power coated frame /other bits new rear shocks new rim spokes tank done up bead blasted engine not much more to do will make a crackin bike sellin due to health problems also xt250...
  18. XL
    Hi all, little bit of a snag on my rebuild, I require a battery holder these I believe are as rare as hens teeth so im looking for some dimensions and a picture so could I could build one , if I can I will build it out of stainless steel and powder coat it black , but im a bit stuck, it a 1979...
  19. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Yamaha xt250 w reg gd runner v5 my name low miles any other info message email lincs £1000
1-19 of 59 Results