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  1. XL
    Hi; I am new to this group. Having just bought this e find that even with only a slight throttle it will jump out and in again in gear. What is wrong and how to cure this problem? Thanks foe any useful hints.
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    Hey guys i'm looking for exhaust for my 1981 xl500s
  3. XL
    my barrel on my xl500s is now at maximum rebore at 1mm oversize and is now so worn that i need to either reline or get a barrel that can still be rebored...will the xl500r barrel fit an xl500s
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    need a cylinder barrel for my xl500s as mine is bored out to 1mm over and is now scrap so i need to either get it relined or get a barrel that i can get rebored to either 0.25 or 0.50
  5. XL
    Hi there, I have an a 1982 xl500s trail bike. Engine has just been rebuilt - starts ok but runs erratically at low revs and gets very hot. It has had new valves, new air cut off valve in carburettor. No air leaks that I can see, carb has been cleaned, jets etc. Running out of ideas, any...
  6. XL
    Hi All Just rebuilt my Honda XL500s 1979 which I've had from new, first time back on the road since 1990 The problem I have is a noise from the spedo head, at first I though it was the drive then cable but with cable disconnected from the head unit the noise has gone, so I'm presuming it must...
  7. XL
    Hi all, really struggling to find a set of exhaust flanges and collars for my XL500s, have however found a set for the XBR500, does anybody know if they will fit my XL, don't mind making any slight modifications. Cheers
  8. XL Technical Specs
    Hi all - I have a US spec '79 XL500s-Z and I want to eliminate the US crankcase breather/collector, does the UK version have a plain pipe from crank case to air inlet rubber? Has anybody any other solution? thanks!!
  9. XL
    I'm looking for a replacement exhaust for my XL500s (rear section) any condition considered. I have a number of holes in mine Reply or PM Thanks Alan
  10. XL
    Hi all, just bought a 1981 Honda xl500s and new to this type of bike, (usually do 2 strokes, don't hold it against me !!) upon inspection its going to be needing a lock set, ignition, helmet and steering lock, can't seem to find a set anywhere are they still available either new or used...
  11. XR
    Hi, can anyone give me the the dimensions for a rear disc brake swingarm for xr250/400...i am looking for the distance from pivot to axle and the width of the swingarm at the pivot where it fits into frame as i am looking to convert my xl500s to rear disc. cheers
  12. XL
    Hi, can anyone tell me which is the Headlamp lighting coil ...... ... is it the small paper covered coil or the one that sits on top of it or the larger coil that sits opposite the other two coils. cheers
  13. eBay - XL
    HONDA XL500S.....1981 Trail bike is in Scotland | eBay
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    morning guys,anyone out there got a spare set of exhaust headers for a xl500s or xl500r for my ft500 special?cash waiting cheers mark
  15. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am breaking the above or selling as a job lot. The bike is complete with some parts removed and boxed. It was a runner before being stripped for a re-paint. I have one picture on the xr forum but will take more if required. As a guide to a price for the job lot a work colleague has...
1-15 of 15 Results