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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Further to my previous post, I am still looking for a right hand side panel for my XL600 LMF. If anyone can loan me a panel so I can have a copy made, send me a message or call me on 01708 863500. Also I need a rear wheel, any condition considered.
  2. XL
    Hi trying to convert my xl600lmf to twin headlight.Ive managed to get hold of the correct twin headlight set up I just need a photo or diagram of the unit in situ and the mounting brackets if anyone can help.Cheers
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, I have a gearbox issue with my 1985 XL600RM. I want to strip it down and am looking for any donor parts from either an XL600 RM/LMF engine, XR600 or NX650 dominator. I believe any of these engines will be suitable for donor bottom end parts. The issue I have is most likely suspect...
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    morning,any of you chaps got a xl 600 lmf front wheel for sale as mine is buckled and causing the mother of all vibes over 55mph,cheers marko
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, If you have or know of someone who has a twin headlight assembly with surround that's surplus to requirements, I'd be very interested to hear from you! Cheers.
  6. XL Technical Specs
    Can anyone advise what the recommended tyre pressure range is for road riding on the Honda XL600LMF ?
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi ! Can you help ? I need a XL600LMF Fuel Cap, Hand Guards & a left hand side plastic panel (near side). Fingers crossed ! :D
  8. XL
    These are the exhaust valves left and right.........anyway of cleaning them without disassembling the whole thing. I think one of them is sticking or even seized>>>any thoughts?
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    If anyone has nay for sale would love to buy them. Cheers.
  10. XL
    I have used the search function but cannot find the answer. I have a 84 XL600LMF with the red engine. The paint is now rapidly dissapearing and is looking decidely scruffy and in need of some love. What colour paint, what type of paint, what make of paint, etc etc do you reccomend? Cheers.
  11. XL
    sorry, items no longer for sale, someone bought the lot
  12. XL
    Hi Everyone, I only just managed to register after weeks of not being able to. I then realised that my work laptop prevents me from seeing the damn anti spam picture! done it now obviously. I have a lovely restored LMF and I'm as pleased as punch with it. I do have some questions though...
  13. XL
    Anyone know if I can I fit tubes in my tubeless wheels. i.e if I get a puncture, fit a tube and leave it in (and also it will allow for running 14 psi when off road). Any advise greatly appreciated.:thumbright: Thanks, Rob.
  14. XL
    Hi looking for xl600lmf seat as mine has wrong cover on it ,i know honda never made a replacment cover so just wondered if any of you guys could help?
  15. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    hi for sale is my xl600lmf d reg it was previously rebuilt by stubbow on this site and i bought it from him ,since i got it i have replaced the mudguards with new ones which cost a small fortune also put a new set of gold renthals on it and had the exhaust and headers shotblasted and repainted...
  16. XL
    Just a heads up for those of you that rarely visit the FOR SALE forum, or don't even know it exists! I'm selling my XL600LMF in the Bikes for Sale area, where there are more details...
  17. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hey guys, im new to this forum but find it very very helpfull indeed, especially when i was rebuilding me xl600lmf carbs !! top stuff guys thanks Cheers Wull
  18. XL
    Hi After searching for months for someone to make me some decals for my XL600LMF I'm rebuilding I have finally found a source. Just bought decals for side panels for £20 including those for the swinging arm. However I need to respray the tank and I can get the Honda xl ok but the orange stripes...
  19. What's it worth?
    NOW SOLD (18/07/2010) OK, what's it worth? I have a "C reg, 1986? I think" (Twin Headlamp) XL600LMF which has been lurking in the back of my garage for some time. After seeing the amazing job Mel Jordan did with his bike some time back, I hunted one down with the intention of...
1-19 of 24 Results