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  1. XL
    Hiya Somebody recently posted a link on this forum to a .pdf file of a manual for the rmg/lmf twin carbs. I didn't have chance to get it at the time and I can't find the link now. Could anybody please point me in the right direction? Thanks very much, Dave
  2. XL
    Hiya Does anybody have any idea where I can get hold of XL600RMG side panels? Are they extraordinarily hard to get hold of? Can panels from other XL600 models be coaxed into fitting? I'm not bothered about doing a bit of bodgery, I just don't want it to look really pants. Cheers, Dave
  3. XR
    Hi to all,this is my first posting. I have just bought a 1986 XL600RMG,cheap,because it has a broken camshaft[sheared in half]Has anyone heard of that before?It has about 19,000 miles on the clock,italian import. Can anyone suggest where i might get a new[or used]camshaft[possibly head ]at...
  4. XL
    Just bought another frame and bits to get my xl600lmf road legal. But I have now found out the side panels are different, anyone for a swap, or need the rmg panels? No use to me. I have just tried to subscribe, but as I'm waiting for a new debit card, I cannot do it right now, so I apologise if...
  5. XL
    hi can anyone please help me with the part numbers for the tank and air scoop decals for a 86 xl600rmg .or has anyone got any spare decals left over they would like to sell .oh by the way its the red and blue striped decals regards skippy
  6. XL
    hi guys im new on here and i am going to restore a 86 xl600rmg.just a couple of questions if you can answer them please.can anyone tell me which handguards fit on the bike.and does anyone have a close up picture of the three stripe decals on the tank,i think im going to have to get them made...
1-6 of 6 Results