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  1. XR Technical Specs
    Hi all,I have a xlr250 baja md22. '92. As far as I know, it's quite close to xr250r, so I asking here.I don't like the auto decomp., so cable cutted. The bike stored for a year. With the usual (to me at least ;) start procedure, I push slowly the kick starter, find a compression, release and...
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    hi, i'm looking for a 1998 honda XLR125RW CDI honda code 30410-KCM-008 replacement CDi or repair store adress welcome too thx, erik
  3. XL
    Hi ,I have rebuilt my Honda xlr125 after it had been stood 6 years , everything electrical works but I have no spark at the plug,I have checked the obvious things but still no spark any ideas. Regards Spunkdaddy
  4. XR
    Hi All, I bought this rack from the US off a company called Cycleracks, I have sold my bike and now need to sell this rack . I'm sure this will be a close fit to other XRs and XLs but it was made to fit a XR250L, I fitted it to my XLR250R Baja with no issues. I will post a link to Cycleracks...
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    WANTED! for my 1984 red XL200R r/h side panal in red
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi to all Community, as my Topic title I am looking for a complete, original and in good conditions set of twin headlights with cage, bracket, original small parts, wiring etc. etc. for the Honda XLR250 Baja. Anything you could arrange? I've attached some pic for what exactly I want to find...
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Urgently need good used stator for XL250R or XLR250 (MD11 or MD17 engine codes) these are the RFVC engines.Anyone got an engine they are breaking? Must be known to have been charging okay when running.Might take rotor with it.
  8. XR
    Hello All. The bike i have is a 1991 Honda XLR250R, BAJA, MD22 For a while i have been looking for a exhaust for my XLR and cant find any sites that do them.. Will an exhaust from any other Honda fit my bike without modification? maybe the XR250 or xl200...? My bike is more or less original...
  9. XL
    What differences are there in the frames between the XLR 125 and the 200 ? I know the 200 electric start and the kick start only differ where the bigger battery fits the elecy start bikes .
  10. XR
    hi there Can anyone tell me the inside diameter of the rear pipe that connects to the headers xlr/xr250 90 model As i cant get to my bike as out the country Any help would be helpful Many thanks
  11. XL
    Heyy all I'm having difficulty finding a fuel tap for my bike not sure what it looks like as has been previously snapped off mine haha I know the hole is 18mm so would I be able to get a universal fuel tap or does is have to be specific? Thanks Sean
  12. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    2001 HONDA XLR 125 BLACK | eBayhis is my honda XLR 125 for sale. It is currently at my work, so viewing is available and encouraged please ask and we can arrange. I am open to sensible offers. either contact on here, ebay or please call me on 07771537064. In the evenings from around 6...
  13. XR
    Hi guys, I've inherited a '90 XLR250 (MD22) that needs an engine rebuild due to extreme lack of oil..... As the engine's out, I've been thinking about a big bore kit and some head work, better carb and exhaust to get the most from the engine. I'd be very keen to hear you views on which...
  14. XL
    hi there im new to this forum, im looking for some advice i have got a 2000 xlr 125, i am using the bike for road use only and have noticed its topping out at 55mph i have been to my local parts shop hoping to get a 18 tooth front sprocket (17 standard) but they can not get one or get me a...
  15. XR
    hey guys, im not sure if im on the right forum or not, I've got an XLR 125 2001, basically i'm looking to change my brake light from the ugly standard one to a slimmer style one. I think that the XR 400 light will fit but i'm not entirely sure. so my question to you guys is: does any one know...
  16. XL
    Hi iv got this frame and wheels from a neighbor, i think its XLR600. the front forks are from klxr as well as the rear. everything looks in a very good condition so i would like to look for an engine. does any body know if other model engine can be fitted? with some modifications. xr...
  17. XL
    Hey can anyone help me I need a exploded pic of a xlr250 clutch or does anyone know how to it goes back together pls urgent help anyone!!
  18. XL
    Hi. I have looked at a 1998 XLR125 today to rebuild and as its the first one I have seen I could do with a bit of information. Is the frame number stamped into the headstock or on a seperte plate onto the headstock. A picture would be most helpful. Thanks Jeff
  19. XL
    Hey I am in the middle of a rebuild and looking for a new/used exhaust I was wondering if a exhaust off a xr model would fit on to my xlr without the need to weld or do anything to it any advice is welcome :)
  20. XL
    Hey all I'm new to this forum I have a honda xlr250 (86-90) I'm in the middle of a rebuild and need to find some Piston rings and can't find any on the net does anyone know where I can find some any advice would be helpful thanks :)
1-20 of 70 Results