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  1. Honda xlr125 no spark

    Hi ,I have rebuilt my Honda xlr125 after it had been stood 6 years , everything electrical works but I have no spark at the plug,I have checked the obvious things but still no spark any ideas. Regards Spunkdaddy
  2. XLR 125 frame number

    Hi. I have looked at a 1998 XLR125 today to rebuild and as its the first one I have seen I could do with a bit of information. Is the frame number stamped into the headstock or on a seperte plate onto the headstock. A picture would be most helpful. Thanks Jeff
  3. Lock Set Needed !!!

    Does anyone have or know where I can get some new locks for a 1998 XLR125 Lost keys, Will any other sets fit from other bike MTX, XR etc... Mogz
  4. My Honda XLR125

    Hi all i know its not much but the camera battery went flat and i cant find the charger so i only got this side on view of my bike tell me what you think its not finished yet tho nearly ;)
  5. XLR125 Neutral Switch

    The wire to the neutral switch had come off and was dangling, so of course I think simple fix I'll just solder it back on. Well the solder didn't like to stick to the neutral pin, so after reviewing the workshop manual, which suggested that the neutral switch just "pops out" I decided to take it...
  6. XLR125 Seized Caliper

    Ok my next challenge is that the brake pistons are seized in the caliper. The hydraulic fluid was still in and everything attached, but levering achieves absolutely no movement. So I've drained the fluid and tried compressed air. I get a very slight movement on one, but they certainly aren't...
  7. XLR125 Ignition Switch

    I wonder if someone with an XLR125 can help me. I'm rebuilding the XLR which has been totally stripped to its component parts. So I have lots of bits and it's like a jigsaw but you're never quite sure if you've got a bit missing and can't always see a picture to copy!! The problem I have at the...
  8. XLR125 Earthing

    I've spent some more time today on getting the XLR back on the road. Today's job was to get the electrics going and to see if I could get it started. I see there are two earths and with a newly powder coated frame these earth points needed sanding back to bare metal. The bike wouldn't do...
  9. XLR125 amount of fork oil

    Just on the off chance as I'm still waiting for my Honda manual to arrive for the xlr, does anyone know how much fork oil to put in the fork legs as standard?? Thanks in advance.
  10. XLR125


  11. XLR125 Header Pipe

    I needed an exhaust header pipe for the rebuild of the XLR125. After a quick search of the net including scouring eBay I came to the conclusion that they were as rare as hen's teeth. So I tried a breakers search and turned one up for £30 + postage. Ordered it. Imagine my surprise when I saw an...
  12. XLR125 Manual

    I really struggled to find an XLR125 manual. Haynes don't do one and I couldn't find a Clymer or any other make. There seems to be plenty of people looking for a manual so I thought I'd share the good news that I had found one! Honda do one and it's available from David Silver Spares for...
  13. XLR125

    I'm going to look at an XLR 125 tomorrow for the lad that's been part rebuilt. The idea being to finish it off and get him on the road. It's missing the exhaust and after a fruitless search I'm concerned about getting downpipes for it as they seem to be as rare as hens teeth. Does anyone know if...
  14. xlr125's and xl125's

    Hi to everyone who reads this, I have owned a Honda xlr125r 2001 for about a year now and noticed there isnt much on the internet in terms of advice and information. I decided to start up a blog for this bike and have continued to add information from myself and others to help with the drought...