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  1. Wanted: XLR200 (MD06) R/H side panal wanted in red

    For Sale / Wanted
    WANTED! for my 1984 red XL200R r/h side panal in red
  2. XLR200 rear shock

    Anybody know what will fit? Mine is very spongy. Boing.................:D
  3. XLR200 Wiring for Regulator.

    I've posted up a shorcut on here a while back for the manual for the 'Modern' XL, the XLR. Just my luck mine is different! I've already noticed that the regulator has 3 yellow wires going into it from the engine case. Is there a 3 phase generator in there?? Anyone have a wiring diagram for...
  4. Wanted: Wanted xlr200 or xl200,

    For Sale / Wanted
    i need an engine from an xlr200 or xl200 with electric start, good engine prefered but can rebuild it, may take whole bike if cheap, new project is getting a bit more expensive than i imagined. so any one with a pile of bits needing room, give me a bell. may even concider a chinese copy bike, if...
  5. For Sale: Paris Dakar XLR200 on ebay

    For Sale / Wanted
    NTDWM Saw this, don't know anything about them but may be of interest to someone especially fo £495;) Come on Mel, nice little buddy for your XL600:D...
  6. XLR200 or XR200?

    I have recently purchased a 1993 XLR200, which appears to be pretty much like an XR200 but with indicators, steel tank etc. Is this the right place for a thread for it, or should it come under the XR banner? I have a few queries lined up, but don't want to waste people's time in the wrong...