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  1. Honda 1993 Xr250 Auto Decompression set up?

    XR Technical Specs
    Getting Close-ish to a finished XR250.... but I'm stuck.... Okay, so I have followed the manual & I can't seem to figure it out. You hold the cam lifter lever down & it will sit in the correct position (so that it can be actuated by the kick start & not sitting against the wall) I put the...
  2. Xlr250 fuel tap help!!

    Heyy all I'm having difficulty finding a fuel tap for my bike not sure what it looks like as has been previously snapped off mine haha I know the hole is 18mm so would I be able to get a universal fuel tap or does is have to be specific? Thanks Sean
  3. Honda xlr 250 piston rings needed can anyone help

    Hey all I'm new to this forum I have a honda xlr250 (86-90) I'm in the middle of a rebuild and need to find some Piston rings and can't find any on the net does anyone know where I can find some any advice would be helpful thanks :)
  4. Would a xr350RE/RD 83/84 exhuast fit my xlr250baja?

    Would a xr350RE/RD 83/84 exhuast fit my xlr250baja? Must admit aint done much internet searching yet, but thought i'd ask and see if one of you knowledgable fellows knew. Thanks Rich