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  1. XR125 05 Carb Question

    I have just bought a 05 xr125l it does however need a new carb. I have found carbs that will fit and work but none seem to have the heater like the stock one fitted. If I got a standard carb with no heater will it run ok or so I need one with the carb heater. thank you :)
  2. For Sale: Honda xr125l

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XR125L, Low mileage (8820) all old Mots to prove. 12 Months MOT (Feb 2019) Great condition, Hand Guards, Top box with High Level Brake Light. Just fully serviced including tappets adjusted. Bought to get experience for full test, cheap to run, low insurance, reliable. Not many in this...
  3. 2006 XR125L keeps cutting out

    Got a freinds 2006 XR125L keeps cutting out hot or cold sometimes it will restart sometimes not. Yesterday I removed the carb took all the jets and airscrew out then 8 mins in my ultrasonic cleaner Put it all back together air screw 2 turns out it still cuts out I had it running at about 2000...
  4. Wanted: XR125L Brake caliper

    XRV Swap Shop
    Long shot I know, but does anyone in the UK have an XR125L front brake caliper lying around which they'd be willing to part with? Changing the seals on my wife's bike and noticed this.... Still usable but as you can't fit a dust seal it'll become a recurring issue which I'd rather not have...
  5. xr 125 knobblies

    hi guys not posted in a while because ive been busy sorting out work stuff. but ive just been randomly looking on ebay for the usual mods for the bike and come across these if anyone needs any for there xr 125 if someone has one out there TYRES HONDA XR125L Motocross Pirelli Scorpion Rear...
  6. honda xr 125 l graphics

    hi guys ive just been looking for some graphics for my bike and seen these and thought id post them on here because ive seen a couple of posts about people not being able to get hold of some for the 125. think il be getting some after the new year HONDA XR125L GRAPHIC KIT XR 125 L STICKERS...
  7. XR125L Exhaust

    Hi, My exhaust needs replacing and I've seen a reasonably priced 2nd hand one on Ebay but it's off an XR100. I know nothing about exhausts and I don't have a manual and I can't find an answer from Google. Does anyone know if it would fit a 2006 XR125L? Also, can someone point me in the right...
  8. Advice please- box, panniers etc

    OK, so I'm new to the world of bike accessories. I've recently bought a Honda XR125L, and want to be able to carry as much as possible on it, in the way of tools etc. It's to be a commute/work bike. So if one of my lads has a problem on a job (often offroad in the middle of nowhere) I can run...
  9. xr125l brake reservoir not opening

    HI all i was just wanting help i need to top up my brake fluid on a xr125 that ive just bought and it seems that when i try to un screw the reservoir screws that they look like they are going to round off? is there a way of getting them out so i can top the fluid up and put new screws in without...
  10. XR125 Engine wiring

    Hi everyone, I am a new member who is in need of some info on the wires coming from the engine on the XR125L. I recently bought an engine which was missing a few parts. All complete now apart from the wiring from the engine to the CDI and rectifier/regulator. I know the motor has a 3 phase...
  11. XR125L03front forks

    Newbie to the forum here, having acquired the XR as a winter project in need of tlc. I need advice on fork dismantling. I cant remove the stanchions from the lower legs - the allen screw in the bottom of the lower leg rotates but doesnt screw out - presumably the allen screw is screwed into the...
  12. XR125L handguards

    Hi all, just wanted to say helloo rather than launching straight into a question. So-o-o, hello :D. I have a XR125L for commuting and a Buell XB12S for the weekends. Been commuting on the 125 for 6 months and it's a great little bike, I love it! But now fully appreciate what a beast the Buell...
  13. XR125L Tyres

    Hi All, I have just had to get a new rear tyre for my XR125L4. The dealer couldn't get hold of an MT60 at short notice so I agreed to him putting on an alternative road-oriented tyre. I don't go off road anyway. He has fitted a Pirelli MT75. Is this OK? I notice it is supposed to be a...
  14. xr125l carb breather pipe?

    hi all, does anybody know if the breather pipe coming from the bottom of the carb housing(sorry i havent got any pics as i just noticed it) is supposed to connect to anything at the other end, because it doesnt have any clip/clamp marks on it? any info would be greatly appreciated. many thanks
  15. 04 xr125l fork oil capacity

    XR Technical Specs
    :blob4:help help i have a 04 xr 125l and need to replace my fork seals i believe that they are 31x43x10mm but was wondering how much oil goes in each fork please.:D
  16. poorly xr125l

    i got a problem with the bike fellas,hoping to get some ideas from you. she cut out whilst riding,i thought she was out of juice so switched to reserve while moving and no spark, come to a standstill flipped the switch and she fired,idling fine,then i open the throttle and it will rev up and cut...
  17. 04 honda xr125L wont start

    heres the deal i switched off my honda xr at the crossing to wait for the train to pass and when i tried to turn it back on it would turn over but not fire .... i have just replaced spark plug and it is sparking outside the engine, as far as im aware there is compression and there is fuel...
  18. whining XR125L

    hey fellas, done some green laning on my little xr a couple of weeks ago, got stuck half way up a steep hill (rocky/muddy) on attempting to get going again the bike lost drive for a second or 2,i was revvin the nuts off it trying to get traction,it sounded similar to using the starter motor when...
  19. XR125L Poorly Engine - Please help

    Hey guys - this is my 1st post so be gentle haha - Ok so I have a lovely 2004 XR125-L which I use to get me to work and back every day and I enjoy a bit of light off roading with it, the bike has always ran sweet as a nut, I gave it an oil change about 800 miles ago and I never really abuse...
  20. For Sale: XR125L

    For Sale / Wanted
    My boy , now he has passed his driving test, no longer wants his 125. he has only had it since Jan and he had had it new pre registered as a 57 plate. It has now done 3400 miles and is a crackin little bike obviously has warranty and is in great condition. I think it manages 80mpg and hauls me...