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  1. For Sale: For Sale 1989 Dominator NX650K

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I have decided to sell my 1989 Dominator NX 650 K It has MOT to May 2019, new tyres last year, although rear has worn down quite quickly. Mileage is around 14700 atm, believed genuine, some history to prove Starts, runs, rides, rear shock weak (for my weight 150kgs), whirrs in second, but still...
  2. CRF230 pipe/exhaust on XR200

    As in the title, do you think one of the performance pipes of an CRF230 would fit the XR200?
  3. XR200 rear wheel problem

    So i have a Honda XR200 that I am slowly rebuilding I am no expert when it comes to motorbikes. I am currently working on the brake side of the rear wheel I have fitted the brake hub but I have noted that there is still a gap on the wheel when the brake is on and i don't know what part I need...
  4. xr200 ignition

    I have an xr200 with electric start. Question do I need an ignition barrel as well or can i bypass this? New to motorbikes sorry if this is a bit of a basic question. Thanks in advance fro any help offered
  5. XR200 identification problem

    Hi, I have a Honda xr200 which was brought from a police auction. There are no id marks on this bike as you can imagine, this will never go back on the road will just be used for riding round field etc. Any ideas how i correctly identify the engine i have on this, it is electric start and was...
  6. Honda XR 125

    Just bought a Honda XR 125. Have a full manual - service, parts and user if anyone wants a copy via pdf. I'm planning on re-building and doing a few modifications as I go on. I'm a mechanical fitter / machinist by trade so will see what I can do once I take it apart :) anyone know if the xr200...
  7. honda xr200r

    hi,wondering if anyone can advise me on a 1983 imported from California honda xr200r,i'm wondering if i have to change the jets in the carb for running in the u.k or do anything else to the carb,any advice appreciated?many thanks in advice!
  8. 1993 Xr200

    Hi all new to this site glad I found it! Can anyone help with some info on a 1993 xr200 imported to uk in 1999, according to all sites/info I have seen these bikes should have kick start and drum brakes on front, mine has electric start and discs on the front. No kickstart at all? Please help...
  9. XL185 rebore

    I need to strip the top end of my XL185 to replace the bottom gasket so thought I should get it rebored bigger, so do I just get an XR200 piston and get them to hone to that size? and do I then just use an XR200 head gasket? Need to ask before I decide to strip it so I can get all the parts and...
  10. XR200 ??

    XR200 what year is best, when i last asked at my local shop they all said 1990 but that was in 1997. Are there many around still
  11. 2008 honda xr200

    Hello, i'd like to share with you photos of my XR200 - Philippine Edition, the first as it looked stock, the other as modified, the way I like it. In His Name, Ned
  12. XLR200 or XR200?

    I have recently purchased a 1993 XLR200, which appears to be pretty much like an XR200 but with indicators, steel tank etc. Is this the right place for a thread for it, or should it come under the XR banner? I have a few queries lined up, but don't want to waste people's time in the wrong...