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  1. XR250 front brake callipers

    Having refurbished my rear brake callipers on my 1996 XR250R, I though the front callipers would be the same ..... BUT alas not. I discovered phenolic pistons in the front callipers ? Am wondering if they’re worth re-using, as i’ve never come across phenolic pistons before and I was...
  2. Idle 'tick-over' & mixture adjustment screw

    Hi, this is my 1st post as i'm totally new to this forum having bought a fairly 'tatty' 1996 XR250 a week ago. (my 1st dirt bike) :happy7: The bike starts quite easy, & the engine sounds really good. (my main reason for paying a good price for the bike) But I have suspicion that carb jetting...
  3. 1979 xr250 engine swap question

    Hi all I’ve just picked up a 1979 Xr250 which had been left outside without a spark plug for probably several years. The top end is very rusty, there’s a hole in base of barrel (outside into cam chain chamber) and also quite a bit of play in con rod. These xr’s are not very common over here in...
  4. Xrl250 baja decomp stuck?

    XR Technical Specs
    Hi all,I have a xlr250 baja md22. '92. As far as I know, it's quite close to xr250r, so I asking here.I don't like the auto decomp., so cable cutted. The bike stored for a year. With the usual (to me at least ;) start procedure, I push slowly the kick starter, find a compression, release and...
  5. Xr250 help

    Africa Twin
    On a recent trip to Wales my trusty 94 xr250 let me down. Just before it stopped all the electrics stopped but it was still running. Then it stopped, I've got spark and had some little fires but not enough to run. And some wierd back fires. Its think it's a electrical problem I'm...
  6. Honda 1993 Xr250 Auto Decompression set up?

    XR Technical Specs
    Getting Close-ish to a finished XR250.... but I'm stuck.... Okay, so I have followed the manual & I can't seem to figure it out. You hold the cam lifter lever down & it will sit in the correct position (so that it can be actuated by the kick start & not sitting against the wall) I put the...
  7. Honda XR250 Project

    I have recently purchased a XR250 project - Frame number HMME03-5700255 & Engine number ME08E-2314517 I'm trying to identify the year and model ? The cylinder head is off with a bent exhaust valve, and damaged guide. What might have caused this to happen :eek:
  8. XR250 rear wheel!

    Just giving my XR250 a service after finding her again after I sold her 15 years ago. Mortified to find that the rear rim has split! Cracked right through!!:( Has anyone on here got a spare? Or could tell me what else would fit? 1988 rim stamped J18 X 1.85. 587 DOT
  9. Gps on a xr with no battery.

    Hi guys. My xr250 is set up for expedition use. It doesn't use a battery. I'm looking into satnav gps options. The problem being I can't power anything from the bike. I have a small garmin bike unit which will last around 6 hours then need 8 hour charge. Not ideal was thinking of a solar unit...
  10. For Sale: For sale Honda X-ray 250

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XR 250 Classic Honda XR250. Registered in 1990 (G plate) it is in good condition. Frame and tank are in good condition, however the tank got a ‘rub’ mark when I got it MOT’ed. Two new tyres- they still have bobbles on and new front disc for last MOT, it’s done few miles since and been...
  11. For Sale: Honda XR400 Acerbis plastics kit.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XR400 Acerbis plastics kit. Original factory shape and includes front fender, rear fender, and side number plates. Think they fit XR250 also. Used but very serviceable condition. £15 ono Item located near Canterbury, Kent - happy to arrange postage.
  12. XR250 +4mm piston make??

    Hello there, I'm a newbie to the site and have an issue with my XR250 (86). After an off on an event last year it lost compression when kicking it over. If I bumped it off it ran perfectly with no loss of power but no compression. I checked the de-compressor and the valve clearances and all ok...
  13. Mikuni carb

    Hi has anyone used a Mikuni vm 32 On a xr250 . Need an idea of jet sizes etc .
  14. For Sale: Honda xr250 electric

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda xr250 electric now sold Bridgestone gritty ed2 rear Trailmax front . Split but with a spare plus innertube Mot 08 04 Kyb rear shock Renthal bars Pro grip grips Digital clocks Rear battery cover gone missing stored in a dry place for ten years Needs tank cleaning inside before running...
  15. XR400 front end on my 250 help please

    Ok hi guys new here i've run into a problem and hoping someone can help! so i have xr400 forks on my xr250 and they were in dying need of a service, but i have a problem i dont know if there pre 97 forks or 98 on as this changes the fluid level. now is there any way i can tell what i have ? i...
  16. XR 250 Exhuast...quieter!

    Hi guys, a query on my not long owned XR250. I had noticed that my exhaust is somewhat louder than I would like, so I thought I would repack it. So out with the bolts and off with the end and to my surprise I find just a short length of wire gauze, approx. 4 inches long and nothing else until...
  17. honda xr250r engine dating

    Hi, my name is paul, And im looking for some help to date the engine in my xr250 which is on a Q plate first registered in the UK in 1989 and manufactured in 1988 but frame had a mistake when stamped leaving vin number one digit short i assumed this was the reason for the Q plate. Recently i...
  18. eBay: 1996-2005 Honda XR250R front wheel for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Selling a complete front wheel, if anyone is interested? Honda XR250 Front Wheel XR 250 Enduro Trail Vinduro 1996-2005 | eBay
  19. Wanted: WANTED xr250 tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, I'm after a large tank and possibly a rally fairing for an xr250. I'm in north yorkshire and have cash waiting. Condition not really important aslong as it's not leaking. Willing to travel to pick it up so let me know what you have. Thanks, Nathan
  20. honda xr 250 kick start idler gear HELP ME PLEASE

    Hi all im in desperate need o a kick start idler gear xr250 believed to be 1986 ive bought 2 ebay purchaces and both are wrong so what i need is the idler gear with 24 teeth 6 holes in the gear 67mm in diameter and a 20mm diameter hole in the middle Please can someone point me in the right...