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  1. XR
    hi, i managed to leave my side stand spring in a forest in devon :/ a genuine honda spring i found for 4euros but with 18euro postage !! so im opting for a universal spring, the only thing is i dont know what length to go for. between the pin on the stand and pin on frame is about 170mm but...
  2. XR
    Having refurbished my rear brake callipers on my 1996 XR250R, I though the front callipers would be the same ..... BUT alas not. I discovered phenolic pistons in the front callipers ? Am wondering if they’re worth re-using, as i’ve never come across phenolic pistons before and I was...
  3. XR
    Hi all i need a lowering kit for my friends 2002 Honda XR250R does anyone have one to sell or knows who sells them please? [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a rear hub or wheel for an XR250R ME08 1996-2004. It will need to be shipped to Taiwan. Sadly I'm not aware which other XR hubs might be compatible with this model. Thanks and cheers, Chris
  5. XR
    Im in the UK and need a rear lowering kit for my friends 2002 XR250R any ideas guys?
  6. XR
    Hi im rebuilding a 2002 XR250R for a friend but he does not want gaiters so i need to find dust caps im in UK Thanks
  7. XR Technical Specs
    Hi all,I have a xlr250 baja md22. '92. As far as I know, it's quite close to xr250r, so I asking here.I don't like the auto decomp., so cable cutted. The bike stored for a year. With the usual (to me at least ;) start procedure, I push slowly the kick starter, find a compression, release and...
  8. XR
    Hi guys and thanks for adding me to the group, I am the proud owner of a XR250R 1987 , I am having problems with the silencer , what else will fit on here as originals are not an option I think , thanks in advance. Karl From England
  9. XR Technical Specs
    Hi All, Can anyone steer me towards an online shop manual for a 1984 XR250R? The Honda part number is 61KK001. Many thanks in advance, Steve.
  10. XR
    Seen an advert for a 1999 XR250R-H, I can't find any info on any "H" versions. Any idea what it is? I'm interested because I'm looking for a 1996-onwards XR250R.
  11. XR
    Need a set centre crank cases for my Xr250r model is 1993 but sure other years fit with meo6 engine codes cash at the ready need my baby up and running again , even if someone has the left hand side i might be interested Cheers steve
  12. XR
    Removed my crank as it needs a new con rod , but the crankcase inside has a section that the crank sits in and there is a hole init , will this matter im sure its designed for some reason like to hold oil to lube the crank but with a hole this will reduce it ? . Does anyone have a set of cases...
  13. XR
    I have an XR250R grey import registered in UK 2003 but on an M plate. Recent service and MOT the mechanic told me he believed that such bikes had gone up in value and that I should make sure I got what it was worth if I were to sell it. The bike has done 2300 miles on the odometer, I bought it...
  14. XR
    Hi all, I've been riding for 20+ years and in that time I've had a touring bike and a whole heap of race bikes, the last three were a 1998 zx6r a 2005 749s and a 2000 r6. I've recently got back into bikes after crashing the 749 on a hairpin in Wales back in 2010. Last year I bought a 1977...
  15. XR
    Hi, my name is paul, And im looking for some help to date the engine in my xr250 which is on a Q plate first registered in the UK in 1989 and manufactured in 1988 but frame had a mistake when stamped leaving vin number one digit short i assumed this was the reason for the Q plate. Recently i...
  16. For Sale / Wanted
    Selling a complete front wheel, if anyone is interested? Honda XR250 Front Wheel XR 250 Enduro Trail Vinduro 1996-2005 | eBay
  17. XR
    hi,i have a low milage import '94 xlr250 very similar to the pic on the haynes cover,in good straight unmolested and sound condition,as always there will be a few questions which i know will be answered here,in order of what i feel is most important, 1,my bike is the non battery/non oilcooler...
  18. For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted head and cam for 1986 xr250r.
  19. XR
    G'day everyone, I have a loud metal on metal tapping sound coming from the rocker cover on my 82xr250r, I'm sure it just the tappets needing adjusting but I thought I'd post it here anyway just incase it might be something else. The 2nd thing wrong with my xr at the moment is 5th gear, I took...
  20. XR
    G'day everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has a 1982 XR250R service manual pdf of just a photo of the page/s I need, I had one not long ago but when I sold my old 81 XL500S I sold the manual with it, I need to know how to wire the headlight and adjust the tappets, when I start my XR250 you...
1-20 of 119 Results