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    Hi, Does anyone have an XR250s metal tank for sale (around 1996)? its an MD30 and has the single bolt at the back of the tank to fix and two grooves on the inside of the tank that slide onto rubbers attached on the frame. Part number 17520KCZ000ZA If not - is there any other tank that fits -...
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    Hi after buying one of these for my other half i ran into problems finding parts as they where built for the Jap market. needed all sorts of things so thought i would keep hold of the part numbers for the bits i ordered and X ref with Ron Ayres site. All bits i bought are from David Silver...
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    Hard to make out, XR250s or XR400s or neither? Iranian Protesters Capture And Pulverize Basiji -
  4. XL
    hey all could you please help me ID this bike
  5. XR
    hi can anyone tell me where i can buy a replacement starter for my 1996 xr 250s?? it has a Mitsuba SM13 model on it.. it is a japanese import..i think it is the same like the baja one cheers :thumbright:
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    I'm struggling to get the XR running well and I'm finding that it's very different to a lot of XRs. Here's my question: It appears I have a throttle position sensor. I've only had one other bike that had one (600 hornet) and I never had to do anything with that so I'm not sure what it does. What...
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    Hi all, This is actually Mr P, who has offered to help a friend out with a top end failure of his 1996? XR250S. Here's the brief story, This bike may have been used for trail riding, but is now used on-road by a sensible mature rider. The engine oil was regularly changed, the oil level was...
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    I seem to have something of a problem! I have a Honda XR250S ( I have been told by Honda UK that it is an S and that it’s year of manufacture was 1995, imported into UK from Japan) I am in Spain and can not get parts for this motorbike. I need the following: - After Market Products if...
1-8 of 9 Results